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Syntax Reading Group, 10/10

This week, the Syntax Reading Group will be discussing a recent paper in Language by Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine entitled “Extraction and Licensing in Toba Batak”. The paper can be found at this link:

As usual, we will be meeting Wednesday 1-2pm in Linguistics Room 117. All are welcome!

Syntax Group, 10/3

This week, Justin Royer will be presenting his work on Chuj noun classifiers in preparation for an upcoming presentation at NELS.

As usual, the Syntax reading group will meet Wednesday 1-2pm in room 117. All are welcome!

Syntax Group, 9/24

This week, the Syntax Group will be discussing a paper by Edith Aldridge entitled “Internally and externally headed relative clauses in Tagalog”, which can be found here: The discussion will be led by Henrison Hsieh, who will also present some of his related work on relative clauses in this language.
We will be meeting Wed 9/26 from 1-2pm in Linguistics room 117. All are welcome to attend!

Syntax Group, 7/12

This semester, Syntax Group is organized by Henrison and Nico and will meet Wednesdays from 1–2pm in Linguistics Room 117. All are welcome to attend!

On 9/12 Nico will lead discussion of chapter 2 of Coppe van Urk’s dissertation, which is an overview of the A vs A-bar distinction. The full dissertation may be found here:

The current schedule for meetings this semester can be found here.

Syntax Reading Group, 01/5

In the upcoming Syntax Reading Group meeting, Michaela Socolof (via Skype) and Junko Shimoyama will be giving a practice talk for AFLA as follows: “On the distribution of Maori genitive relative construction“. The meeting with take place on Tuesday, May 1, 12:30-1:30pm in Room 117 (1085 Dr. Penfield).

Everyone is welcome!

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