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2019–2020 student awards

We are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 winners of our undergraduate student awards.

Undergraduate award winners:

Emma Gibson: Cremona Memorial Fellowship in Linguistics

Emi Baylor: Award for Excellence in Research

Avleen Mokha: Award for Academic Leadership

Ben Foster: Award for Department Citizenship

David Shanks: U2 Academic Achievement Award

You can learn more about the awards, and see the lists of past winners, on the departmental webpage. Congratulations to all!

McGill Linguists Save World

A number of us represented linguists at Marche Mondiale Climate Alarm/La Planete s’invite au Parlement last Saturday in Montreal. A report of the day can be found here.

Some pictures of the event were taken. Thanks Vanna and Michael!

In this photo (left to right) is Jason Borga, Emily KL, Tim O’Donnell, Jacob Hoover, and Mathieu Paillé.

In this pic, Michael’s kids have also something to say!




McLing Summer News, second edition

Graduate students

Henrison Hsieh attended two conference in Taiwan this May: the 25th meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA) in Taipei, and the 28th meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society (SEALS) in Kaohsiung. At SEALS, Henrison presented a talk entitled “Wh-relative clauses in Tagalog”.



Michael Wagner will be co-teaching a class on the Phonology-Syntax Interface with Caroline Féry at the Second Crete Summer School of Linguistics. Our Ph.D. students Masashi Harada and Gouming Martens are attending the summer school as well.

Brendan Gillon has just returned from a one semester visit to National Chengchi University, in Taipei, Taiwan. On his return, he stopped in Bochum, Germany, to give a talk, entitled “Underspecification and the mass count distinction” at a workshop called “The Count-Mass Distinction: A Linguistic Misunderstanding”, held at Ruhr University on May 7th through 9th. At the beginning of July, he will give a talk entitled “Word complementation in Sanskrit treated by a modest generalization of categorial grammar” to the section “Computational Sanskrit & Digital Humanities” of the 2018 World Sanskrit Conference, to be held at the University of British Columbia.

McGill Summer News

Undergraduate news

Elias Stengel-Eskin (CogSci) will be starting the PhD program in Computer Science at Johns Hopkins University in the fall.

Arlie Coles (CogSci) will be working on the Speech Across Dialects of English project in the department this summer, then starting the Professional Masters in Machine Learning at MILA (Université de Montréal) in the fall.

Michael Goodale (CogSci) will be working on the Speech Across Dialects of English project in the department this summer as an ARIA intern.

Madelaine O’Reilly-Brown is conducting research this summer on Urdu syntax as part of the ARIA internship program (supervisor Lisa Travis). She will specifically be looking at the interaction of agreement, scrambling, and extraposition in Urdu/Hindi, testing the notions of phases (Chomsky) and horizons (Keine).


Graduate news

Emily Kellison-Linn will be presnting at LabPhon 16 in Lisbon.

Masashi Harada will attend the Crete summer school from 7/15 – 7/28.


Faculty news

Morgan Sonderegger will mostly be leading the McGill arm of the the Speech Across Dialects of English project. He’ll also be traveling to Chicago (Northwestern) and Tel Aviv (Bar-Ilan University) to give talks and work with collaborators. He is an author on several presentations at LabPhon 16.

Meghan Clayards will be at LabPhon 16 this summer along with Bing’er Jiang, Jia-er Tao and Francisco Torreira. Jiaer and Francisco will also be at Speech Prosody in Poland.

Lydia White will be presenting a poster at the International Symposium on Bilingual and L2 Processing in Adults and Children in Braunschweig, Germany, May 24-25 (https://www.tu-braunschweig.de/anglistik/isbpac). Title of the paper is ‘How prosody affects L2 processing: Pronoun interpretation in L2 Italian’. Co-authors: Heather Goad, Natalia Brambatti Guzzo, Guiherme Garcia, Sepideh Mortazavinia, Liz Smeets and Jiajia Su.

Jessica Coon returns to Montreal from her sabbatical in Mexico this summer and is looking forward to seeing everyone again. She’ll head back south briefly in August for the 5th Form and Analysis in Mayan Linguistics (FAMLi V), to be held in Antigua.

Lisa Travis will be presenting a co-authored paper with Ileana Paul (McGill, PhD 2000) at the International Conference of Austronesian Linguistics (ICAL) in Antananarivo, Madagascar (paper title: Augmented pronoun constructions across time and space) in July, and then will stay another week for research purposes.

Heather Goad and Lisa Travis will be giving a joint presentation at the MfM fringe workshop, Phonological Solutions To Morphological Problems, at the University of Manchester, UK on May 23rd. The title of their paper is A phonological solution to a morpho-syntactic problem in Athabaskan.



McLing summer vacation

McLing would like to wish you all a great summer vacation! Please continue to send us your news and events, and we will post them in our next issue on September 8th.

Announcement: SIAS Summer Institute 2015-2016

2015–2016 INSTITUTE

The Investigation of Linguistic Meaning: In the Armchair, in the Field, and in the Lab

  • July 20–31, 2015
    Berlin, Germany, organized by the Wissenschaftskolleg and ZAS
  • July 18–29, 2016
    Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, organized by the National Humanities Center


  • Angelika Kratzer, Professor of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Manfred Krifka, Professor of General Linguistics at Humboldt Universität Berlin and
    Director of the Zentrum für Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin (ZAS)
  • Emmanuel Chemla (ENS and Institut Jean Nicod, Paris); Lisa Matthewson (University of British Columbia); Jesse Snedeker (Harvard University); Malte Zimmermann (Universität Potsdam).


Course announcement – Syntax 4 / Topics in Syntax

Syntax 4, LING 675 /

Seminar in Syntax, LING 775

Winter 2015, Jessica Coon

Case and Agreement”  

This course examines topics in the syntax of case, agreement, and the interactions between the two. Broadly speaking, we are investigating the relationship between a predicate and its arguments, and how theoretical accounts of these relationships have developed over the past few decades. We will look at not only morphological reflexes of case (on nominals) and agreement (on predicates), but also the theoretical mechanisms which have been proposed to underly these phenomena, including argument licensing (“abstract Case”) and the relation Agree. We begin with foundational readings on case and agreement, and then see how these theories have developed to cover a wide range of empirical phenomena in languages such as Icelandic, Hindi-Urdu, Dinka, Kaqchikel, Tsez, Tagalog, Nez Perce, and Sakha. Specific topics will include: the relation between abstract and morphological case; theories of structural vs. dependent case; failed agreement and uninterpretable features; the Person Case Constraint and clitic doubling; different alignment types, including ergativity and split ergativity; long distance agreement; and partial agreement.  


LING 675: homework assignments, short class presentation, final paper

LING 775 (Pass/Fail): homework assignments, class presentation

Introducing Tashi Wangyal

A belated welcome to Tashi Wangyal, who is working this semester as the language consultant for LING 415/610, Linguistic Field Methods. The class is studying the dialect of Tibetan spoken in Dharamsala, where Tashi grew up. Tashi can be found many days meeting with students outside of class on the third floor––if you see him around, please say hi!

My name is Tashi Wangyal and I am a Tibetan. I was born and raised in India.  I am married with two children, a boy and a girl, and my wife is also Tibetan, but she was born and raised in Canada. I immigrated to Canada in 1998. In 2012 I decided to pursue my passion in filmmaking, and I was fortunate to be accepted in Concordia’s film production program. Currently I am doing my final year and looking forward to graduating next year.


Team McGill Linguistics and Friends at Terry Fox Run/Walk

11 McGill linguists and their friends participated in the Terry Fox Run/Walk for cancer research at the Old Port on Sunday, September 14, 2014. Special thanks to those who contributed very kindly to the $415 that the team has raised. The money goes to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research. Here are some of the team members before and during the run. We had a great time!

Terry Fox Run 2014 (2) Terry Fox Run 2014 (2)

Departmental picnic: St-Henri edition

McGill linguists took advantage of a glorious late summer day to mark the beginning of the year with delicious food and good conversation, at the department’s annual picnic.  The picnic was for the first time held in picturesque Square Sir-Georges-Étienne-Cartier in St. Henri.  Some documentation provided by attendees:


Position in phonetics (and related areas)


 The Department of Linguistics, McGill University, invites applications for a tenure-track position in phonetics and related areas of experimental linguistics at the rank of Assistant Professor, effective August 1, 2015. Applicants should have a research agenda that connects to the existing strengths of the Department. General qualifications are a PhD in linguistics and demonstrated excellence in research and teaching in the area(s) of specialization. Duties will include undergraduate and graduate teaching, graduate research guidance and administrative responsibilities.

Deadline for applications: November 7, 2014.

All qualified applicants are encouraged to apply; however, in accordance with Canadian immigration requirements, Canadians and permanent residents will be given priority.

McGill University is committed to diversity and equity in employment. It welcomes applications from: women, Aboriginal persons, persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, persons of minority sexual orientation or gender identity, visible minorities, and others who may contribute to diversification.

Interested candidates should submit an application consisting of a letter of introduction, a curriculum vitae, samples of research and teaching evaluations. Applicants should also arrange for three referees to submit letters of reference. The application and the letters of reference must be uploaded directly at https://academicjobsonline.org (position ID:McGill Linguistics ASSTPROF #4520).  To ensure full consideration, all materials should be submitted by November 7, 2014.

Prof. Morgan Sonderegger

Chair, Search Committee

Department of Linguistics

McGill University

Email: jobsearch.linguistics@mcgill.ca


Update from Listuguj

Last week, Mary Ann Metallic was presented with the LSA’s first Excellence in Community Linguistics Award for her work teaching Mi’gmaq. Mary Ann was nominated by members of the Mi’gmaq Research Partnernship, an ongoing partnership between the Listuguj Education Directorate and linguists at McGill and Concordia. Congratulations Mary Ann!


Listuguj Elder Kathy Sorbey presents Mary Ann Metallic with the LSA award

This summer, three McGill affiliates will be living and working in the Listuguj community: PhD student Yuliya Manyakina, BA student Douglas Gordon, and recent alumna Carol Little. They will continue research on the language and assist with language revitalization efforts.


linguists, students, and teachers in Listuguj

NACLO at McGill

McGill hosted the first round of the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad this past week, with a good turn-out from area high schools, and one from Toronto. You can learn more about NACLO here. Special thanks to Rebecca LeeGretchen McCullochSarah Mihuc, and James Tanner for helping out!

LSA Award for Mary Ann Metallic

Mary Ann Metallic (Listuguj Education Directorate), a collaborator and key member of McGill’s Mi’gmaq Research Partnership, has just been honoured as the first recipient of the Linguistic Society of America’s “Excellence in Community Linguistics Award,” recently announced here. The LSA notes:

Mary Ann Metallic has done exemplary work to revitalize the Mi’gmaq language in her home community of Listuguj, Quebec. Her infectious passion for Mi’gmaq has led to the development of a successful teaching program, and her work with linguists has resulted in significant contributions to language documentation and linguistic theory.

Mary Ann will travel, together with her daughter Janine Metallic (McGill) to the LSA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis this January to receive the award in person. Congratulations Mary Ann!

Mary Ann Metallic (center) at the Mi'gmaq Summer Language workshop, co-organized by McGill and the Listuguj Education Directorate. Pictured with Janice Vicaire, Vicky Metallic, Yuliya Manyakina, and Carol Little

Mary Ann Metallic (center) at the Mi’gmaq Summer Language workshop, co-organized by McGill and the Listuguj Education Directorate. Pictured with Janice Vicaire, Vicky Metallic, Yuliya Manyakina, and Carol Little

McGill Linguistics team at Terry Fox Run/Walk for cancer research

Fifteen McGill linguists, friends and family members participated in this year’s Terry Fox Run/Walk for cancer research at the Old Port on Sunday September 15. This is their report:
“We ran or walked at our own pace, choosing our own distance (from 1km to 10km), and had a great time. Big thanks to the participants, and most of all, to the donors, whose generous support of $452 in total will be used to fund cancer research. We look forward to the next year’s Terry Fox Day.”
Terry Fox (4)
Terry Fox Event 2013 Terry Fox Event 2013 (2) Terry Fox Event 2013 (3)

Departmental picnic a success

Linguists braved the drizzle last Saturday to attend the beginning-of-the-year departmental picnic in Parc LaFontaine. Delicious food and good conversation were had by all.  Here are some pictures:




Mi’gmaq Research Partnership summer news


Discussion group led by Listuguj students

The Mi’gmaq Research Partnership had a busy summer. Research assistants Carol Little (McGill BA 2012) and Yuliya Manyakina (incoming PhD student) spent their summers at the Education Directorate in Listuguj attending Mi’gmaq classes, working on building CAN-8 online language lessons, promoting the Master-Apprentice Program, and conducting their own linguistic research. With help from students in the community, the Mi’gmaq Research Partnership hosted its first Mi’gmaq Language Summer Workshop on August 6th, 2013 in Listuguj, QC.

The goal of the workshop was to inform community members about resources available for Mi’gmaq language-learning, and to foster dialogue between Elders and young language learners. The program included two guest speakers, as well as a focussed discussion groups involving students and Elders. Booths were set up around the venue and included a range of topics. In addition to booths led by community members, McGill PhD student Gretchen McCulloch led a booth on tips for learning an Algonquian language, and Hisako Noguchi (Concordia linguistics) provided information on the benefits of bilingualism.

You can read posts about the workshop from Listuguj community members on the project blog here and here.


Janice Vicaire, Vicky Metallic, Mary Ann Metallic, Yuliya Manyakina, Carol Littl 

McGill Linguistics team for the Terry Fox Run

This year the McGill Linguistics Department is organizing a team for the Terry Fox Run in Montreal, in support of cancer research. The team is looking for more members to join the team, raise money for a good cause, and have a little fun before the semester gets back in full swing. The event will take place on September 15th. Friends and family are also more than welcome to join too!

The run takes place in the Old Port, and participants can run (or walk or roller blade) 1 to 10km (you decide). If you’re interested, sign up for the team here or contact Alanah McKillen with questions.

(Note: For those registering online, when you select the location details pick: Quebec, Montreal (not Montreal west), then Montreal again.)

McGill linguistics Movember team looking for participants

Movember is coming up soon! Movember is an event where men grow moustaches for the entire month of November to raise money for prostate cancer research. The rules are simple, just shave on November 1st and then do not shave above you lip for the rest of the month. While rocking your ‘stache, you can collect money from friends, family & colleagues that will be donated to Prostate Cancer Canada. This year will be the 3rd year that the Linguistics department has taken part. Check out our team page if you would like to join the team, or donate money during Movember (to the team or a team member). Women are welcome to join the team & help with raising donations. Check out the Movember webpage for more information.

McGWPL: call for papers (deadline extended!)

McGill Working Papers in Linguistics (McGWPL) is pleased to invite submissions for issue 22.2. Papers from all fields of linguistics are welcome. Submissions are not restricted to members of the McGill community and submissions from outside the university are encouraged, as well as submissions from both students and professors. Papers can be submitted in French or English and should not exceed 20 pages, single spaced, excluding references and appendices, although exceptions can be made under some circumstances.

For further information and detailed submission guidelines, please see our website: http://www.mcgill.ca/mcgwpl/submissions.

The deadline for submissions has been extended from September 15, 2012 to October 31, 2012.

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