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MULL-lab, 03/30 – Brandon Chaperon

MULL-lab will be meeting this Wednesday, March 30th at 4pm. Brandon will be presenting: Igala’s Dual Negation. Abstract is attached below: Abstract: This talk presents a puzzle pertaining to two different surface forms for negation in Igala (Niger-Congo). Negation can either surface as a (super) high tone on the subject or as a pre-verbal particle. I will first go over […]

Syntax-semantics reading group, 4/1 – No Meeting

Syntax-semantics reading group, 3/25 – No Meeting

MULL-lab, 03/23 – Katya Morgunova

MULL-lab will be meeting this Wednesday, March 23rd at 4pm.  Katya will be presenting: Augmenting the Kirundi augment. Abstract is attached below:   Abstract: The augment is a nominal prefix found in some Bantu languages. It is usually associated with the semantics of definiteness and is often argued to be a D-head. In this talk, I present some new data collected from […]

Colloquium, 03/18 – Jessamyn Schertz

The next talk of the 2021-2022 McGill Linguistics Colloquium Series will be held on Friday, March 18th at 3:30pm. The talk will be given by Jessamyn Schertz (University of Toronto). Title: Underpinnings of phonetic imitation   Abstract: Phonetic imitation is a complex behavior, requiring accurate perception, identification, and (re-)production of relevant features. In this talk, […]

Syntax-semantics reading group, 3/18 – No Meeting

MULL-lab, 03/16 – Terrance Gatchalian

MULL-lab will be meeting this Wednesday, March 16th at 4pm.  Terrance will be presenting work on Ktunaxa causatives. Abstract is attached below:   Abstract: This talk presents data on the Ktunaxa causative construction, which are morphologically complex, consisting of a valency-preserving causative morpheme and a more general valency-increasing morpheme. I discuss various proposals for the structure of causatives, and show that Ktunaxa […]

Gui Garcia to Laval

McLing is very pleased to report that Gui Garcia (PhD ’17), currently a lecturer at Newcastle University, has accepted a tenure-track position in phonology in the Département de langues, linguistique et traduction at Université Laval in Québec City, starting this June. Welcome back to Canada Gui! Gui!

Syntax-semantics reading group, 3/11 – Gaurav Kamath

The next syntax-semantics meeting will take place this Friday, March 11th, at 3:30pm. Our next presenter will be Gaurav Kamath presenting his work, “Lexical semantics for expressives”.

MULL-lab, 03/09 – Yoann Léveillé

MULL-lab will be meeting this Wednesday, March 9th at 4pm.  Yoann will be presenting his talk Some observations on the morphosyntax of Inuktitut demonstratives . Abstract is attached below: Abstract: This talk presents a morphosyntactic overview of demonstratives in Nunavimmiutitut, a dialect of Eastern Canadian Inuktitut spoken in Nunavik, focusing on ongoing work with a consultant and data presented in Beach (2011). First, I […]

Departmental cross-country ski

Charles Boberg’s new book published

A new book by Charles Boberg, Accent in North American Film and Television A Sociophonetic Analysis, has just been published by Cambridge University Press. Congrats Charles! Drawing on data from well-known actors in popular films and TV shows, this reference guide surveys the representation of accent in North American film and TV over eight decades. It analyzes […]

Introducing Benilde Mizero

A belated welcome to Benilde Mizero, who is working this semester as the language consultant for LING 415/610, Linguistic Field Methods. This semester, the class is studying Kirundi, a Bantu language of Burundi. Benilde is in the Linguistics Department many days meeting with students for elicitation sessions in the Fieldwork Lab. If you see him around, […]

P* Group, 2/23 – Wei Zhang

At this week’s P group meeting, Feb 23 12 pm,  Wei will lead a discussion on the paper “Individual empathy levels affect gradual intonation-meaning mapping: The case of biased questions in Salerno Italian” (Orrico & D’Imperio, 2020). Abstract: The paper investigates the interplay between intonational cues and individual variability in the perceptual assessment of speakers’ […]

MCQLL, 02/22 – Amanda Doucette

At this week’s MCQLL meeting on February 22 at 3:00-4:00PM, Amanda Doucette will be giving a talk on Software Engineering Practices for Research Code. If you’d like to attend, please register for the Zoom meeting here if you haven’t already. Abstract: Writing clean, readable, working code for research projects isn’t easy. Because clear requirements can’t be defined […]

Banting post-doctoral fellowship to Justin Royer

McLing is thrilled to announce that 5th-year PhD student Justin Royer has been awarded a two-year Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship. Justin will spend the next two years at UC Berkeley Linguistics, working under the supervision of Peter Jenks. Justin’s project grows out of his dissertation research and is entitled: “Documentation of Chuj and Mam, two Mayan languages: […]

Colloquium, 2/18 – Gillian Ramchand

Please join us Friday, February 18th at 3:30pm for our next talk of the 2021-2022 McGill Linguistics Colloquium Series. If you are planning to attend talks and have not yet registered, you can do so here (you only need to register once for the 2021-2022 year). After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the […]

P* Group, 2/16 – Xuanda Chen

At this week’s P group meeting, Feb 16 12pm,  Xuanda will lead a discussion on the paper “Comparing acoustic analyses of speech data collected remotely” (Zhang et al., 2021). Abstract: Face-to-face speech data collection has been next to impossible globally as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions. To address this problem, simultaneous recordings of three […]

MULL-lab, 2/16 – Lisa Travis

The MULL-lab will be meeting on Wednesday, February 16th at 4pm. Lisa Travis will be presenting the second part of Event structure through the lens of Malagasy morphology. Please see the abstract below. Abstract: This talk will present a particular view of event structure as suggested by the morphological breakdown of particular verb forms in Malagasy.  The proposal is that Malagasy […]

P* Group, 2/9 – Morgan Sonderegger

At this week’s P group meeting, Feb 9 12pm,  Morgan will lead a discussion on the paper “A surprisal–duration trade-off across and within the world’s languages” (Pimentel, T. et al., 2021). Abstract: While there exist scores of natural languages, each with its unique features and idiosyncrasies, they all share a unifying theme: enabling human communication. […]

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