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MULL-Lab, 09/06 – First Meeting

The Montreal Underdocumented Languages Linguistics (MULL) Lab will be starting back up with our first weekly meeting on Tuesday, September 6th at 3:30 pm Eastern Time. This year we’ll be doing hybrid meetings, with in-person portions held in Rm 002 in the Linguistics building (1085 rue Docteur-Penfield) and a Zoom room open for those who are unable to join us […]

Lamontagne and Goad in Glossa

Jeff Lamontagne (PhD 2020) and Heather Goad‘s article “Weight sensitivity and prominence in Laurentian French” will appear in the journal Glossa. The full abstract appears below: Main prominence is conventionally described as being assigned to the final syllable of phrases in French, but previous quantitative and qualitative work has shown that this is not always the case. […]

Eurosla 31 update

As reported in a recent post, Lydia White, Heather Goad, Gui Garcia (PhD 2017), Natália Guzzo (post-doc 2016-2019), Liz Smeets (PhD 2020) and Jiajia Su (PhD 2019) presented a paper (‘Effects of stress on pronoun interpretation in L2 English’) at Eurosla 31 in Fribourg, Switzerland. Other McGillians (see photo) also presented at Eurosla: Makiko Hirakawa (PhD 2000) and John Matthews (MA 1992).

AFLA 28 proceedings

The proceedings of the 28th annual meeting of the Austronesian Formal Linguistics Association (AFLA 28), co-hosted by McGill University and National University of Singapore, were published in June and can be found here: https://ir.lib.uwo.ca/afla/aflaxxviii/. The proceeding volume was co-edited by Tallis Clark (BA), Jacob Dussere (BA ’22) and Connie Ting. Presentations included: Vololona Razafimbelo. “On the other side of the […]

Faculty grants news

McLing is happy to report on some new research grants awarded to department faculty members over the past year: Charles Boberg was awarded a SSHRC Insight Development Grant entitled “A New Survey of Canadian English: Fifty Years of Language Change”.  This grant is “a partial replication of the Survey of Canadian English of 1972, which will […]

Hirsch and Schwarz at “New trends in semantics” workshop

On June 16, Aron Hirsch (postdoc 2017-19) and Bernhard Schwarz jointly gave an invited talk at the workshop “New trends in semantics”, held at Humboldt University, Berlin. Their talk was entitled “Reconciling maximality with cumulativity in questions”.

Gouming Martens’ PhD defence

Congratulations to Gouming Martens, who defended his dissertation “What about those B-accents and hat patterns? Form and meaning of contrastive topics in English, Dutch, and German”, supervised by Michael Wagner and Francisco Torreira on August 4th. Congrats Gouming! Abstract: This dissertation explores how intonation and meaning relate to one another. The following questions will be addressed: […]

Welcome incoming grad students!

McLing is happy to welcome our new incoming cohort of graduate students! Jeanne Brown: Jeanne Brown is interested in language variation and change, especially sociophonetic variation in Canadian English and French. She did her B.A. in Psychology and Linguistics and her M.A. in Linguistics at the University of Ottawa. Most of her non-academic life revolves […]

David Shanks to Whitehorse

MA student David Shanks traveled to Whitehorse, Yukon to conduct fieldwork with speakers of Dän k’è’ (Southern Tutchone, Dene/Athabaskan) in June. Over two weeks, David worked with Dan Tlen, a linguist and speaker of Lhù ʼÀàn Mân kwachʼan kukwanjêʼ (Kluane dialect), and Nakhela Bunbury, an elder and speaker of Taʼan kwechʼēn kwenjē (Lake Laberge dialect), on the possessive system. James Crippen provided […]

White, Goad, Garcia, Guzzo, Smeets, and Su at EuroSLA and GASLA

Lydia White, Heather Goad, Gui Garcia (PhD 2017), Natália Guzzo (post-doc 2016-2019), Liz Smeets (PhD 2020) and Jiajia Su (PhD 2019) presented two collaborative papers this summer: “Effects of stress on pronoun interpretation in L2 English.” at EuroSLA, University of Fribourg, August. “Determining prosodic effects in L2 grammars: Effectiveness of different methodologies. Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition (GASLA)”, […]

Li and Goad in Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism

Ying Li (post-doc 2018-2020) and Heather Goad‘s paper, “Naïve English-speaking learners’ use of indirect positive evidence: The case of Mandarin plural marking” appeared in Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism. The full abstract is below. When second language learners are faced with acquiring a grammar that is a subset of their native language grammar, direct positive evidence is unavailable. We […]

James Crippen in Linguistics Vanguard

James Crippen has a new article coauthored with Amanda Cardoso and Gloria Mellesmoen, both at the University of British Columbia. The article, published in Linguistics Vanguard, is titled “Cross-dialectal synchronic variation of a diachronic conditioned merger in Tlingit”. It discusses a very rare type of sound change – a reductive primary split-merger – which has been […]

Mathieu Paillé’s PhD defence

Congratulations to Mathieu Paillé, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Strengthening Predicates” August 3rd, supervised by Bernhard Schwarz and Luis Alonso-Ovalle. Mathieu will be heading to the University of Calgary this fall for a post-doctoral fellowship. He received postdoctoral funding from the University of Calgary’s Eyes High Postdoctoral Match-Funding Program. This program matches funds from postdoctoral fellows’ […]

Justin Royer’s PhD defence

Congratulations to Justin Royer, who successfully defended his dissertation, “Elements of (in)definteness and binding: A Mayan perspective”, supervised by Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Jessica Coon, and Aron Hirsch (full abstract below) in June.  Justin is heading to Berkeley this fall to take up a Banting post-doctoral fellowship with Peter Jenks. Congratulations Justin! Abstract:  This thesis explores topics […]

Masashi Harada’s PhD defence and job news

Congratulations to Masashi Harada, who successfully defended his dissertation “Locality effects in composition with plurals and conjunctions” in July, supervised by Bernhard Schwarz and Michael Wagner. The abstract is below. Masashi will start a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Grinnell College in Iowa in fall 2022, where he will be teaching Japanese language and linguistics. […]

Coon and Martinović at Workshop on Copular Sentences

Jessica Coon and Martina Martinović each presented work at the Workshop on Copular Sentences Across Languages, held in Paris in June. Jessica’s talk was “Agreement restrictions in copula constructions” (reporting on collaborative work with Stefan Keine and Michael Wagner), and Martina’s talk was “Inversion and reversibility in copular sentences: A view from Wolof”. They report that this was a […]

Alex Göbel to Princeton

Alex Göbel wrapped up a postdoc with Michael Wagner at McGill this past year, and is starting a new postdoc at Princeton this fall. Congratulations Alex! Earlier this summer, he had a paper entitled “On the Role of Focus-sensitivity for a Typology of Presupposition Triggers” accepted for publication at Journal of Semantics. The paper argues […]

McGill @ CLA 2022

McGill linguists presented at this year’s Canadian Linguistics Association (CLA) annual meeting, held virtually June 1st–4th. Presenters included: Terrance Gatchalian – The composition of Ktunaxa causatives: argument- and event-structure restrictions Sijia Zhang & Michael Wagner – Speech segmentation and tone sandhi in Mandarin Chinese Full information can be found at the conference page: https://cla-acl.ca/programmes/congres-de-2022-meeting.html

final presentations for first LING 483/683 “Linguistic elicitation for language revitalization” course

The first “Linguistic elicitation for language revitalization”, co-taught by Meghan Clayards and Jessica Coon in the condensed May summer term, together with course advisors James Crippen, Luis Alonso-Ovalle, Tahohtháratye Brant (UofT), and Ryan DeCaire (UofT), held final presentations at the Thomson Island Cultural Camp in Akwesasne last Thursday. The course was developed in partnership with […]

Incoming graduate cohort for fall 2022

McLing is pleased to announce the incoming McGill graduate cohort! The following PhD, MA, and QY students will be joining McGill in Fall 2022. Welcome new students! – Cheman Baira A Sangma – Jeanne Brown – Benjamin LeBrun – Luané Lennox – Olivia Oppong – Nicole Isaac-Pictou

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