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Special-edition syntax reading groups, 1/28 and 1/30

Please join us for two reading group meetings this week in preparation for upcoming talks in the department. Monday January 28th, 3:00 in 117 Junko will lead a discussion of Martina Martinović’s paper “Interleaving syntax and postsyntax: Spellout before syntactic movement”, to appear in Syntax. The most recent version is available online here. Wednesday January […]

MCQLL, 1/30 – Amy Bruno

Next Wednesday, Amy will present her project on Empirical Learnability and Inference with Minimalist Grammars, which is the second part of the presentation that she did at the end of last semester. Abstract: This is a draft presentation of some of my current PhD research, intended for a more computationally-oriented audience. It contains collaborative work done over the […]

Syntax Reading Group, 1/31 – Henrison Hsieh

This week in Syntax Reading Group, Henrison Hsieh will be presenting work in progress on Tagalog focus constructions and multiple extraction. There is no reading for this week. Our meeting times this semester are Thursdays 12-1pm in Linguistics room 117. All are welcome!

Word Structure Research Group, 2/1 – Emmanuel Parenteau

Next meeting: Friday 1 February 2019, 1h30-3 PM, room DS-3470, UQAM, Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève, 320, rue Sainte-Catherine Est. Topic: DM vs. Nano Presented by Emmanuel Parenteau, UQAM Readings:  Exploring Nanosyntax, Michael Starke (In Dropbox; contact Lisa if you want access to the file) Notes on insertion in Distributed Morphology and Nanosyntax, Pavel Caha: https://ling.auf.net/lingbuzz/002855

Syntax Reading Group, 1/24 – Nico Baier

This week in Syntax Reading Group, Nico Baier will be leading a discussion on extraction of/from PPs in Kabyle. There is no reading for this week. Our meeting times this semester are Thursdays 12-1pm in Linguistics room 117. All are welcome!

Words Research Group, 1/25 – Vanna Willerton on Bobaljik 1994

This semester, the Words Research Group will be meeting on Fridays 1:30-3pm at UQAM, DS-3470 (Pavillon J.-A.-DeSève, 320, rue Sainte-Catherine Est) and the topic of discussion is irregularities in word formation (problems with regards to locality, readjustment rules, blocking, etc…).  At this week’s meeting, Vanna Willerton will present Bobaljik, J. (1994) The Morphology-Syntax Connection. MITWPL 22. H. Harley & C. Phillips […]

Workshop on Amazigh Languages, 3/21 – Save the date!

McGill linguistics will host a Workshop on Amazigh languages on March 21st. The workshop will have invited talks by Karim Achab (University of Ottawa), Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Khokha Fahloune (UQAM), as well as short presentations on Kabyle by the students in this semester’s Field Methods course. A full schedule will be […]

McGill Undergraduate Research Event, 1/14

The Annual Faculty of Arts Undergraduate Research Event will take place this evening, January 14th at 5pm in Leacock room 232. Students who conducted research support by Arts Research Internship Awards (ARIAs) last summer will present their work. From linguistics, these projects include: “Long Distance relationships in Urdu-Hindi: phases or horizons” Madelaine O’Reilley Brown, Linguistics […]

P* Reading Group, 1/16

P* Reading Group (Wednesday, 2 pm) We’ll be having P* Group on Wednesday the 5th at 2 pm in room 831 of SCSD (2001 McGill College, 8th floor), during which Jeff will lead a discussion of Schmitz et al.’s (2018) Exploring the relationship between speech perception and production across phonological processes, language familiarity, and sensory modalities. The paper is available at bit.ly/PGroup_2019a. […]

Syntax Reading Group, 1/17 – Matt Pearson

This semester, the Syntax Reading Group will be meeting on Thursdays 12-1pm in Linguistics room 117, with our first meeting this week (Jan 17). For this meeting, Matt Pearson (Reed College) will be presenting work in progress on tense marking on spatial and instrumental modifiers in Malagasy. We will also use some of the time […]

Moulton and Shimoyama in Glossa

A paper by Keir Moulton (U. Toronto, former McGill post-doc) and Junko Shimoyama just appeared in Glossa. The paper is titled “On the Inverse Trace Conversion and maximal informativeness analysis of Japanese internally-headed relative clauses: A reply to Erlewine and Gould 2016”, and can be found here. Abstract: In this response to Erlewine & Gould (2016), we […]

Michael Wagner at MarantzFest

Michael Wagner attended MarantzFest at NYU last week, a workshop in honor of Alec Marantz.  

Knowles, Clayards, and Sonderegger in Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research

McGill Linguistics alum and current PhD candidate at Western, Thea Knowles, was the lead author on a paper published in the Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research along with co-authors Meghan Clayards and Morgan Sonderegger. The paper is titled “Examining Factors Influencing the Viability of Automatic Acoustic Analysis of Child Speech” and is available online here […]

McGill at LSA 2019

The Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Society of America took place this past weekend in New York, and McGill linguists were there presenting. Presentations by current affiliates included: Nico Baier – Anti-agreement in Selayarese Aron Hirsch and Uli Sauerland (ZAS) – Adverbs in collective conjunctions Jeffrey LaMontagne – Acoustic evidence of phonemicization: Lax high vowels […]

Coon in Journal of Linguistics

Jessica Coon’s article, “Building verbs in Chuj: Consequences for the nature of roots” was just published in the 2019 winter issue of Journal of Linguistics. A preprint is available here. Abstract: This paper offers an in-depth look at roots and verb stem morphology in Chuj (Mayan) in order to address a larger question: when it comes […]

M. Schwarz, Sonderegger, and Goad to appear in Journal of Phonetics

An article by Martha Schwarz (MA alum 2017), Morgan Sonderegger, and Heather Goad has just been accepted to Journal of Phonetics: “Realization and representation of Nepali laryngeal contrasts: Voiced aspirates and laryngeal realism”. Abstract: Theories of Laryngeal Realism argue for a tight correspondence between a segment’s phonetic cues and the (laryngeal) phonological features that represent it. […]

Happy break everyone!

This is McLing’s last newsletter of 2018. We hope you all enjoy the break, keep sending us your news in the new year!

Nico Baier at UofT

Postdoctoral researcher Nico Baier was at the University of Toronto last week where he gave an invited talk “Unifying anti-agreement and wh-agreement.”

McGill Linguists Save World

A number of us represented linguists at Marche Mondiale Climate Alarm/La Planete s’invite au Parlement last Saturday in Montreal. A report of the day can be found here. Some pictures of the event were taken. Thanks Vanna and Michael! In this photo (left to right) is Jason Borga, Emily KL, Tim O’Donnell, Jacob Hoover, and […]

Syntax Reading Group, 12/5 – Aron Hirsch

This week, Aron Hirsch will discuss joint work in progress with Uli Sauerland on sentential structure in collective conjunction. There is no reading for this week. We meet Wednesdays 1-2pm in Linguistics room 117. All are welcome!

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