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Tanner, Sonderegger, and Torreira in Frontiers in Psychology

McLing is happy to report that a paper co-authored by James Tanner, Morgan Sonderegger, and Francisco Torreira has just been published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology. The title is ‘Durational Evidence That Tokyo Japanese Vowel Devoicing Is Not Gradient Reduction’, and is available here: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00821/

P* Reading Group, 4/17 – Heather Goad

P* Reading Group (Wednesday, 1:30 pm) Heather will lead a discussion of Inkelas (2019) “Modeling Scalar Vowel Strength in Q Theory” on Wednesday (Apr. 17th) 1:30-2:30pm. All are welcome to attend!

Clint Parker at SAIL and NACIL

Clint Parker is at the University of Arizona this week for two conferences.  This past weekend he presented a poster at the Symposium on American Indian Languages.  His poster, based on work from his second Eval paper, was titled “On the roles and responsibilities of universities in Indigenous Language Revitalization: A Canadian Perspective”.  Next weekend he […]

MCQLL, 4/10 – Wilfred Yau

At next week’s meeting, Wilfred will be presenting the following paper: Mao, L., & Hulden, M. (2016). How regular is Japanese loanword adaptation? A computational study. Please find the abstract below: Abstract: The modifications that foreign loanwords undergo when adapted into Japanese have been the subject of much study in linguistics. The scholarly interest of the […]

Syntax Group, 4/11 – Justin Royer

This week, Justin Royer will be presenting a paper by Robert Henderson and a related puzzle in Chuj from his own work. The paper is Morphological alternations at the intonational phrase edge: The case of K’ichee’ (Henderson, R. Nat Lang Linguist Theory (2012) 30: 741. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11049-012-9170-8). For the meeting, please focus on sections 1, 2.1, and 3.1 of […]

Fieldwork Lab, 4/11 – Scott AnderBois on A’ingae documentation

At Fieldwork Group this week (Thursday 4/11 from 4:30-6:00 in Room 117), Scott AnderBois (Brown University) will present on a project he co-directs geared toward the documentation of the A’ingae language (Isolate, Ecuador).  He will also present some software he and his students have developed during the project.  The software, called LingView, provides a browser-based user interface to display annotated audio/video materials from […]

Colloquium, 4/12 – Scott AnderBois

The last talk in our 2018-2019 McGill Linguistics Colloquium Series will be given by Scott AnderBois (Brown University) on Friday, April 12th at 3:30 pm in room 434 of the Education Building.  At-issueness in direct quotation: the case of Mayan quotatives In addition to verba dicendi, languages have a bunch of different other grammatical devices for encoding reported speech. While not common in Indo-European languages, two […]

McGill at CUNY 2019 Conference on Human Sentence Processing

Graham Adachi-Kriege, Greg Theos, (both undergraduate researchers working with Tim) and Vanna Willerton presented their posters at the CUNY 2019 Conference on Human Sentence Processing (https://www.colorado.edu/event/cuny2019/) held on March 30-April 01. Graham and Vanna covered their recent work on the rate of child over-irregularization errors, focusing on the English past tense. Greg presented his evaluation of a […]

Jessica Coon in Florida

Jessica Coon was at the University of Florida in Gainesville April 5-6 for the 5th Florida Linguistics Yearly Meeting (FLYM) where she gave a plenary talk, presenting collaborative work with Nico Baier and Ted Levin. The title of her talk was titled: “Mayan Agent Focus and the Ergative Extraction Constraint”. A new manuscript of this […]

P* Reading Group, 4/3

Jeff will lead a discussion of Inkelas (2015) “Re-representing phonology: consequences of Q Theory” on Wednesday (Apr. 3rd) 1:30-2:30pm in Room 831 of SCSD (2001 McGill College 8th floor). It’s a fairly short description of the Q-theory model of representations. The paper is in our google drive folder (bit.ly/PGroup_2019a). All are welcome to attend!

Syntax Group, 4/4 – Jurij Bozic

This week, Jurij Bozic will be presenting ongoing with on Agreement and Control. Our meeting will take place at the usual time of 12-1pm in Linguistics Room 117. All are welcome!

Semantics Group, 4/5 – Daniel Hole (Stuttgart University)

This Friday, Daniel Hole (Stuttgart University) will be giving a talk titled “Arguments for a universal distributed syntax of evaluation, scalarity and basic focus quantification with ‘only’”. Abstract: In this talk, I review the evidence that has been adduced for a multi-constituent syntax of focus particle constructions. Traditionally, those components that I model as independent morphemes […]

Workshop on Amazigh Languages

The Montreal Workshop on Amazigh Languages took place last week, March 21st and 22nd, and was a big success. The workshop included invited talks by Karim Achab (University of Ottawa), Hamid Ouali (University of Wisconsin, Madison), and Khokha Fahloune (UQAM), and by organizer Nico Baier (McGill Univeristy) as well as short presentations on Kabyle by the students in […]

Liz Smeets at GASLA

Liz Smeets is just back from the 15th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition (GASLA) conference where she presented on her thesis work. Her talk was entitled “Testing L1 transfer at the syntax-discourse interface: the case of CLLD in Italian.” Congrats Liz!

Michel Paradis in The Handbook of the Neuroscience of Multilingualism

The Handbook of the Neuroscience of Multilingualism was just published with a special forward by emeritus McGill linguistics professor Michel Paradis. Congratulations Michel!

Linguistics/CS Seminar, 3/28 — Fatemeh Asr

McGILL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS AND SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE  Speaker: Fatemeh Asr Date & Time: Thursday, March 28, 2019 9:30am Place: RPHYS 114 Title: Relations between words in a distributional space: A cognitive and computational perspective. Abstract: Word embeddings obtained from neural networks trained on big text corpora have become popular representations of word meaning in computational linguistics. In […]

Special talk, 3/25 – Caroline Féry

Who: Caroline Féry (Goethe University Frankfurt) Coordinates: Monday, March 25 2019, 1-2.30pm, in Room EDUC 338 Title: Prosody and information structure in European French Abstract:  It has repeatedly been reported in the literature that French prosody reacts in a different way to changes in information structure as compared to Germanic languages (Delais-Roussarie 1995, Post 2000, Jun & Fougeron […]

P* Reading Group, 3/27

P* Reading Group (Wednesday, 1:30 pm) We’ll be having P* Group on Wednesday, March 13th at 1:30 pm in room 831 of SCSD (2001 McGill College, 8th floor), during which Alvaro will lead a discussion of  Pinet and Iverson’s (2010) “Talker-listener accent interactions in speech-in-noise recognition: Effects of prosodic manipulation as a function of language experience”. The […]

MCQLL, 03/27

At next week’s meeting, James will be presenting some preliminary work with Morgan Sonderegger and Jane Stuart-Smith on dialectal & speaker variability in the consonant voicing effect. The meeting will start 5:30pm Wednesday 3/27 in room 117. Food will be provided.

Linguistics/CS Seminar, 3/24 – Siva Reddy

McGILL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF LINGUISTICS AND SCHOOL OF COMPUTER SCIENCE  Speaker: Siva Reddy Date & Time: Monday, March 25, 2019 9:30am Place: ARTS W-20 Title: Interacting with machines in natural language: A case for the interplay between linguistics and machine learning Abstract: Computing machinery such as smartphones are ubiquitous, and so will be smart home appliances, self-driving cars and robots in the […]

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