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Jiang, Clayards, and Sonderegger in Laboratory Phonology

Binger Jiang and co-authors Meghan Clayards and Morgan Sonderegger published a paper in Laboratory Phonology, titled: “Individual and dialect differences in perceiving multiple cues: A tonal register contrast in two Chinese Wu dialects.” https://doi.org/10.5334/labphon.266

Heather Goad and Lisa Travis in The Linguistic Review

Heather Goad and Lisa Travis’s paper ”Phonological evidence for morpho-syntactic structure in Athapaskan” was accepted for publication in The Linguistic Review.

Two new papers from Speech Prosody conference

Two new papers by McGill Linguistics coauthors were published in the proceedings of this years Speech Prosody Conference, held May 25 to August 31, 2020. Videos from the talks can still be found on the conference website. Gibson, Emma, Francisco Torreira, and Michael Wagner. (2020). The high-fall contour in North American English: A case study in imperatives. In […]

McGill at SALT 30

McGill Linguistics was well represented at the recent Semantics and Linguistic Theory (SALT 30), held online from August 17–20, and hosted by Cornell University. Our own Bernhard Schwarz was a keynote speaker, presenting joint work with Aron Hirsch (McGill postdoc 2017-19) and Michaela Socolof (“Severing uniqueness from answerhood”), and a number of former and current McGill affiliates were featured in the program: […]

SSHRC Insight Grant to Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner (PI) and Duane Watson (Vanderbilt University, collaborator) were awarded a new SSHRC Insight Grant. The project is titled ‘The incremental mind: Prosody as a window into the gradual formation of a sentence while speaking” –– congratulations! Summary: This project proposes to use sentence prosody, i.e., the precise way a sentences are pronounced in real time, as […]

McGill at LabPhon 17

LabPhon 17 was virtually held in Vancouver, July 6-8. There were several presentations by current and recent McGillians: Heather Goad (invited speaker) – Marginal phonological structure: Prosodic constituency that you cannot ‘hear’ in Québec French Jane Stuart-Smith, Morgan Sonderegger, Jeff Mielke, James Tanner, Vanna Willerton – The SPADE Consortium (talk) Desperately seeking English sibilants: Discovering […]

McGill at AFLA 27

Mathieu Paillé gave a talk at AFLA 27 called “Tucking-in and nominative-third word order.” Ileana Paul (undergraduate and graduate alum) presented joint work with Diane Massam: “A recipe for null arguments” Lauren Clemens (former postdoc) presented an invited talk: “Absolutive movement in Polynesian: Syntactic ergativity and postverbal word order variation” They are pictured below, with Jozina Vander Klok, Michael Erlewine, and […]

Clint Parker in Glossa

Clint Parker’s article, “Vestigial ergativity in Shughni: At the intersection of alignment, clitic doubling, and feature-driven movement” appeared in the journal Glossa this summer, available here. This paper developed out of Clint’s 1st Eval paper. Abstract: This paper provides an account of two related aspects of the past-tense morphosyntax of Shughni (Eastern Iranian): (i) the use of second-position […]

More summer news?

If you have any additional conferences/publications/any other exciting news, it’s not too late! Please share it with McLing, at mcling.linguistics@mcgill.ca. We’re excited to hear what you’ve been up to! 

Welcome back to McLing

Welcome to the (virtual!) 2020 Fall semester. As always, we invite you to your news (presentations, publications, grants, fieldwork, courses, workshops, departmental events, student projects, jobs, etc.) for upcoming weekly newsletters. News can be sent to mcling.linguistics@mcgill.ca.

McGill at SULA 2020

Current and former McGill linguists attended the 11th Semantics of Under-represented Languages of the Americas (SULA 11), hosted virtually by El Colegio de México and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, August 4–7, 2020. Justin Royer gave an invited talk, presenting collaborative work with Luis Alonso-Ovalle, titled “Modal effects in the nominal domain: Lessons from Chuj” based on […]

Tanner, Sonderegger, and Stuart-Smith in Journal of the Acoustical Society of America

An article co-authored by James Tanner, Morgan Sonderegger, and Jane Stuart-Smith has just been published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, available here: https://asa.scitation.org/doi/full/10.1121/10.0001734. Title: “Structured speaker variability in Japanese stops: Relationships within versus across cues to stop voicing” Abstract: A number of recent studies have observed that phonetic variability is constrained across speakers, where […]

2020–2021 Colloquium Series

McLing is pleased to announce this year’s colloquium series. As always, colloquium talks will take place Fridays at 3:30. This year, all talks will take place on Zoom due to the suspension of campus activities. Details about each talk, and pre- and post-colloquium events will be announced closer to the events.  1. Laura Dilley (Michigan State) […]

Congratulations Dr. James Tanner!

Congratulations to James Tanner, who successfully defended his PhD thesis, “Structured phonetic variation across dialects and speakers of English and Japanese”. The virtual post-defense celebration is pictured below.    

Welcome new postdoc Carol-Rose Little!

Carol-Rose Little is joining the McGill Department of Linguistics as a postdoctoral researcher, supervised by Jessica Coon and Lisa Travis. She recently graduated from Cornell University with a Ph.D. in linguistics and two minors in American Indian and Indigenous Studies and Cognitive Science. Carol-Rose’s research program brings together syntax, semantics and morphology, rooted in a strong […]

McLing summer hiatus

This will be the last issue of McLing for the summer. We’ll be back in the fall with regular news and events. Have good summers everyone!

2020/2021 Linguistics Colloquium Series

Here is our colloquium schedule for the upcoming academic year. As always, talks will take place Fridays at 3:30 (room/Zoom url TBA). Mark your calendars!– September 18: Laura Dilley (http://speechlab.cas.msu.edu) – October 16: Peter Jenks (http://linguistics.berkeley.edu/~jenks/) – November 20: Emily Elfner (https://emilyelfner.info.yorku.ca/) – February 26: Viola Schmitt (https://sites.google.com/view/viola-schmitt/publications-and-manuscripts) – March 26: Yael Sharvit (https://linguistics.ucla.edu/person/yael-sharvit/) – Apr 16: […]

2019–2020 student awards

We are pleased to announce the 2019-2020 winners of our undergraduate student awards. Undergraduate award winners: Emma Gibson: Cremona Memorial Fellowship in Linguistics Emi Baylor: Award for Excellence in Research Avleen Mokha: Award for Academic Leadership Ben Foster: Award for Department Citizenship David Shanks: U2 Academic Achievement Award You can learn more about the awards, […]

Goad, Guzzo, and White in Studies in Second Language Acquisition

Heather Goad, Natália Guzzo and Lydia White’s paper, “Parsing Ambiguous Relative Clauses in L2 English: Learner Sensitivity to Prosodic Cues” has been accepted for publication in Studies in Second Language Acquisition. Congrats all!

MCQLL meeting, 6/3 – Timothy J O’Donnell 

This week at the Montreal Computational and Qualitative Linguistics Lab meeting, Timothy O’Donnell will be presenting his Meditations on Compositional Structure, to makeup for last week’s postponement. This presentation attempts to synthesize several threads of work in a broader framework. We meet at 2:30 via zoom (if you are not on the MCQLL emailing list, please contact […]

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