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The mission of the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Blog is to share the adventure of discovery with the public. To that end its broader mandate is to promote the field of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, in particular the work carried out by the department and to provide a forum for discussion. It will:

  • Make more visible the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences internationally renowned scholars and their first-class research
  • Expand the department’s public outreach efforts, sharing new scientific knowledge and understanding for the betterment of all
  • Strengthen its ties with the broader community by promoting dialogue between the department and the public

We welcome feedback. Some postings on this blog are open to public comments; if so, you will find a link to log in or to add your comments near the bottom of the posting.

Guidelines for posting comments

  • DO ask questions and share opinions; please do not start arguments. This is not the place to posit new laws of thermodynamics or to question the existence of climate change, for example.
  • DO respect the Code of Conduct governing the use of McGill computing facilities. Additionally, failure to comply could result in posting privileges being removed.
  • DO post with your full, real name. If you would rather not share your feedback publicly, you can also e-mail this blog’s moderator.
  • DO reflect common courtesy. No personal attacks, libellous comments, offensive material, or flaming.
  • DO respect copyright, and the privacy of others.
  • DO NOT use this blog for commercial activities; advertisements should not be embedded in the blog.

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