Ayako Yamamoto’s PhD Proposal

Ayako will be presenting her PhD proposal today, Friday April 25, at 10am in room 934 on “the relative importance of the atmosphere and the ocean in controlling Western European climate variability and their couplings”. All are invited to attend.

WxChallenge Weather Forecasting Contest

Hurrican Floyd courtesy of NASA

Registration for the WxChallenge weather forecasting contest is now open for the McGill forecasting team! All are welcome to join (for a small fee — $5 for a full year, $3 for individual semesters) where you can learn to forecast the weather if you haven’t ever before, or to sharpen your forecasting skills if you already have the tools in place!

The WxChallenge provides a friendly but competitive contest with participants from around the world (upwards of 1600 participants). We forecast for 10 cities across the U.S. during the fall and winter term, followed by an 11th tournament city in the mid to late spring. If you have any questions, please email Kevin Bowley (kevin [dot] bowley [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca), and please fill out and return the attached registration form to Kevin (office 947 Burnside Hall) by September 22. I look forward to another great year of forecasting!

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