New Software: HDFView

HDFView is now available ! To use HDFView, please issue ‘hdfview’ on all 64-bit computers in our department.

HDFView Screenshot

HDFView is a visual tool for browsing and editing HDF4 and HDF5 files. Using HDFView, you can:

  • >view a file hierarchy in a tree structure
  • create new file, add or delete groups and datasets
  • view and modify the content of a dataset
  • add, delete and modify attributes
  • replace I/O and GUI components such as table view, image view and metadata view

IDL is Available

IDL Logo

Courtesy of Exelis Visualization

10 license for IDL 8.2 are now available departmentally. Special thanks the following individuals for their contributions:

To use idl, you must be logged into a departmental 64-bit Linux system. Once logged in, you may issue:

idl to start IDL in the terminal

idlde to start IDL graphically

If you experience any difficulties, please contact

New Software


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The following new software is now available on our 64-bit Linux departmental systems:

These programs will not be in graphical menus. Instead simply type their name (lower case) to start the program. For more details, please visit our departmental wiki on the subject. If you require further support, please contact
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