Update from our team in Québec (FNQLHSSC)

Traditional Mi'gmaq site at Gesgapegiag

My name is Audrey Vézina and I have been working for the FNQLHSSC as a mental health adviser since 2009. I coordinate the adaptation and implementation of the intervention for communities in Quebec.

Since May 2012, Gesgapegiag, a Mi’gmaq community near the town of Maria in Baie des Chaleurs and Mashteuiatsh, an Innu community located near Roberval, Lac Saint-Jean, have been working on the Culturally-Based, Family-Centered Mental Health Promotion program for Aboriginal Youth.


The Mashteuiatsh team: Maggie Robertson, Jacinthe Connolly, Diane Paul, Meggie Noël and Julie Girard


The cultural adaptation will soon be completed and group sessions will begin next January. The teams involved are as motivated as they are creative. For instance, they decided to include a cultural exchange trip which will take place at the end of the intervention. Thus, participating families will be welcomed into and have a chance to host the other Nation. The 14 group sessions will be adapted to the preparation of the trip and to participants’ ability to make discover their culture to others. This journey-discovery is an initiative that will engage parents and youth towards a common goal throughout the intervention, and will strengthen links between communities through their culture.



Mashteuiatsh Health Centre


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