A visit to Gesgapegiag

Last week I had the good fortune to take a trip with Audrey to visit with our partners in Gesgapegiag. Despite the ice storm we were able to take the beautiful drive from Campelton, NB, where we had arrived that morning on the over night train. We took part in a conference call for planning the cross community exchange with Masteuiash and Gespegiag. At the end of the program, as Audrey mentioned in a recent blog post, families from Gespegiag and Masteuiash will visit each other. They are preparing gifts and events, including a possible canoe trip in Gespegiag. It was heartening to see the creativity and engagement of these communities and I very much look forward to  hearing about their upcoming roadtrip (maybe I’ll be lucky enough to hitch a ride?) Above is a wonderful poster created by Masteuiash team announcing the voyog to take place in the spring.


Joshua Moses

Project Coordinator, Public Health Agency of Canada – Aboriginal Mental Health Promotion





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