Fundraising ideas

Hello everyone,

Time goes by quickly………We’ve almost finished our sessions. We have three more to go before the trip to Gesgapegiag. We are all excited to be a part of this cultural exchange. As we just received the French version of the interviews, we will take the next session to fill them out.

Parents and youths are still interested and involved in the program; they are building strong connections between them. It’s good to see that. They are now preparing their fundraising for the trip and they have planned three activities to raise funds:

  1. Torch walk (in a field with families) in May
  2. Walk-a-thon in June
  3. Spaghetti dinner in July

Their goal is to gather $ 1000. Hopefully they will acheive it!

Now, we are preparing to receive our guests from the Migmaq nation so it will be a pleasure to met them in July!

In peace and friendship,

Jacinthe Connolly and team from Mashteuiatsh


a beautiful view from a park in Mashteuiatsh

PlaygroundMashteuiatsh YouthMashteuiatsh

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