Update on Splatsin’s second round

Waytk! From Splatsin

Here in BC we are nearing the conclusion of our second round of the project. We began in early October and have been meeting each week with fairly consistent regularity, with a break over the Christmas holidays. We have had the great fortune of having an eager group who are enjoying our weekly meeting times. We have also been lucky to have a great number of participants this time around. We are topping out at upwards of 27 people in our room on some nights, including facilitators…which makes for a busy and happening evening! Similar to last year, we have a variety of participants ranging from biological mothers and daughters, foster parents with their foster children who are also accompanied by their biological mother as well. We also have a grandmother who is joining her daughter and three granddaughters each week as well. On two nights we also had a dad join us which was also great to see. As you can see in some of the photos, we are in the process of making drums with our families. We had two community elders join us and show us how to lace the hides on the frames. Our long term goal is to have our youth make their drums and drum sticks, paint the drums, learn a traditional song, and then perform the song at our final celebration feast. Time will tell how close we get to the goal! Our final celebration feast is scheduled for March 11, so we have lots to accomplish before we wind up prior to the Spring Break. Best wishes to all the other programs and hope you are all doing well.

Don, Julianna, Tracey.






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