Swampy Cree Team meeting in Winnipeg

June 2015. The Family program ‘Listening to One Another’ was presented to school and local health centre representatives by Dr. Laurence Katz who has been working with the Swampy Cree Team for many years. Some of the program’s facilitators were also part of the audience. Attendees participated to a group discussion on ideas for reaching sustainability.

SC Team June 2015


In addition Dominique Geoffroy, the project coordinator, discussed with Mr. Garry Munro, Director of the Cree Nation Tribal Health Centre in The Pas, Northern Manitoba. He indicated that the OCAP principles should be included into the research agreement that is to be signed by partners this summer. The OCAP principles ensure data Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession to First Nation partners.

Dominique also met with the regional coordinator, Mr. Ron Cook, who was asked for his feedback on:

  1. The new coordinator’s workbook
  2. The new Phase 3 Team Report Template, which contains guidelines and checkboxes for recording progress.

A cultural adaptation of the program is continuously in progress: to create a new puzzle that will be given to youth participants during the next Swampy Cree program, volunteers draw their version of the Culture Tree. A committee had the difficult task of selecting only one of the drawings.

Puzzle Christopher

A new 5 X 7″ puzzle
Christopher’s drawing will be scanned
and turned into a puzzle


Another example of the drawings: The “Tree of Knowledge”, a brain-shaped tree that was created by Gloria.

Tree of Knolwedge June 2015

Beginning from the roots
and feeding the branches
The stream will flow
collecting information
To continue growth


Puzzle Fred

Fred also draw his version
of the Culture Tree

Thank you to all participants

Kinanâskomitinâwâw/ ᑭᓇᓈᐢᑯᒥᑎᐣ



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