Before the start of the delivery, many tasks are done by the community team. An important one is to find a cook or caterer, who will prepare a nutritious meal for each of the 14 sessions. The lead-facilitator, co-facilitator, and Elder will also distribute flyers and organize an information session. A pre-program checklist on page 15 of the Facilitator Manual helps facilitators remembering the tasks to be accomplished.

Binders with printed materials and a USB key

A binder that was distributed at the training session contains printed copies of all the materials needed for the delivery of the program and its evaluation. Hence the facilitators can make photocopies of the pre-program questionnaires and consent forms for youth and adults. Also in the binder, a document informs about the procedure and the way to allocate ID numbers to participants in order to keep all data confidential. A video that explains the procedure is also available on the USB key or by following this link:

(the last video at the bottom of the webpage)

For more information on the first steps of the delivery, do not hesitate to communicate with your regional coordinator or with Dominique at 514-340-8222 extension:22192

Pre-program checklist

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