TESE Meeting, Summer 2019

This past summer, the McGill team held their annual Two-Eyed Seeing Evaluation (TESE) gathering, on August 17th and 18th, in Montreal. These TESE Gatherings brings together partners from across Canada who are delivering the Listening to One Another (LTOA) Program in their respective communities to share, connect, and grow. This year, McGill hosted partners from British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Nova Scotia. Some different faces were present this year, as well as some familiar faces, and some community partners we had not seen for quite a bit.

The TESE gathering routine did not unfold like business as usual, which added exciting flair. First, we had an opportunity to meet at the beautiful Thompson house and ate our lunches surrounded by the greenery of the McTavish Reservoir. The new location also made it easier for everyone to explore downtown Montreal after the days’ duties were fulfilled. Even the theme of this year’s TESE Gathering took on a new moto of “community and connection.” Each partner had the chance to share where they’re at with respect to the LTOA Program. For example, partners shared their experiences in delivering the program in their respective communities, while also highlighting some success and challenges they faced in these processes. Partners also discussed how they have adapted the program to meet the particular needs of their community, and what the future of the LTOA program will look like in their community. Each partner was at their own unique stage within the process of planning, adapting and implementing the LTOA Program, which made for a meaningful sharing of experience and rich conversations.

As a group, we also had the opportunity to take stock of the LTOA Program materials and discuss strategies to enhance our “community of practice” and ensure meaningful, community-based research opportunities exist for each partner and community.

To have each partner, who represented their community so beautifully, gathered together is always inspiring and we all come away from the TESE Gathering motivated to do more good work across Canada!

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