Deanna Leon from the Splatsin team shares some photos from the programme’s first graduation ceremony! While she is working on her blog post about the event, here’s a look at what the evening was like, with comments from Deanna. Thanks Deanna and Raven for the amazing photos!


The feast prepared by Erica and Kristi. Roast Baron of Beef, oven baked potatoes, vegetables, ceasar salad, buns, gravy and amazing cakeand cupcakes! (photo by Deanna)



The feast – we celebrated by having a dinner together surrounded by cedar boughs – to honor the youth and families. (photo by Deanna)


The Splatsin team: Co-Facilitator Jody Leon, Lead Investigator – Dr. Raven Sinclair, Facilitator Don Bennett, Elder Julianna Alexander. Missing Deanna Leon -Coordinator. (photo by Deanna)


All of the participants and their families were blanketed with Pendelton Blankets. One of the highest honors we can give. Participants were honored for participating for 16 weeks as part of a program that teaches them how to be stronger as people, stronger as families, stronger in their culture, stronger communication and decision making skills. They did a tremendous amount of work and self reflection. These families and youth are our future for a better tomorrow! Congratulations ♥ (photo by Raven)



It was great so see how hard the youth worked and their commitment to completing the program. Here is Maddie B, Craig B, Meagan B and Dallas B. So proud of you guys… our future leaders 🙂 (photo by Raven)

The Cardinal Clan – Candice, Vanessa C. Phoenix C and Orin C. Way to go!! (photo by Raven)


The drummers that honoured the youth and families and their achievements. Councillor Randy Williams, Bart Thomas, Julianna Alexander, Kukpi7 Wayne Christian and Marlene Squakin. (photo by Raven)






Weytkp !

Weytkp ! from Splatsin Territory in Enderby BC

We are pleased to report on our progress on the project that we began during the last week of September. We just wrapped up session #8 this week after having to postpone the sessions over the past two weeks due to funeral services that occurred in the community.

After the first few sessions, we found a nice routine that was enjoyable for all the participants. It was clear that the highlights for everyone were the great food followed by traditional stories told by our elder, Julianna Alexander. Everyone jammed onto the circle of couches and were swept away with the tales of Coyote and Bear, and various other characters from the past. Our stories have been followed by weekly traditional Secwepemc words that Julianna teaches us how to pronounce (the first being the greeting: Weytkp, as seen above).

Elder Julianna Alexander arranges some of the prizes for the participants

We have been getting great feedback from our participants and it is clear that both youth and parents are eager for the Wednesday night sessions to come around each week (the parents reported that there were a few disappointed youth when we had to postpone the sessions recently). Perhaps part of the excited anticipation is for the great food, prizes, and great company. It didn’t take long for the name tags to be unnecessary as we quickly familiarized ourselves with each other through the activities and the thoughtful discussions each night. We have a very diverse group in ages, ranging from 10 to 17 with our youth, but despite the spread in ages, it is working out wonderfully. Our parents have been eager to share their stories of successes and challenges in their roles as parents. We have had some great moments where families report moments through their weeks where they successfully applied skills learned in the previous week in their daily lives.


The facilitators meet outside of the session times each week on a fairly regular basis each week as we make final adjustments and changes as needed and continue to compensate for the missing resources (games, puzzles, videos, etc) that are used in the original program. We also gather an hour before our 5pm start time to make final preparations, room set up, create the chart paper outlines and review traditional words, and of course, brew some coffee for the parents…. or perhaps more for the facilitators.

Splatsin family and youth participants with facilitators

We will complete session #9 next week and then break for the holidays and return in January for a busy three weeks as we plan to do two sessions a week to catch up on the missed sessions before our targeted final celebration and evaluation throughout the week of Jan 21, 2013.

kukwstsétsemc (thank you) for reading!
from the Splatsin Team: Julianna, Jodi, Deanna, Raven, and Don

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