Behind the scenes at University of Minnesota-Duluth

The most important thing to report on at the moment is our appreciation of project manager Devan Crawford. She has tirelessly worked to resolve the international money issues, accounting rules, and all of the associated red tape on top of her other duties.  A current issue we face is navigating our way through 3 ethics review boards (again) — we need to submit new protocol for our planned January program launch and are working with University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and Jewish General Hospital ethics review groups.  Fun!
Our Community Advisory Boards, UNL, and UMN will meet via teleconference in 2 weeks for final discussion and hopeful board approval of the questionnaires to be included in the program evaluation. Devan and Les will be meeting in Winnipeg in early December to complete our facilitator and interviewer training sessions (I can’t go due to teaching obligations).  There, they plan to unveil the revised manual (which has changed based on community feedback), reiterate the importance of program fidelity, and train interviewers and the team about research guidelines, interviewing techniques, etc. This will also be an opportunity for our community partners to share experiences and provide recommendations to the University team members.
In closing, our team felt that the last Montreal gathering was incredibly successful – I’m attaching a photo of some of us in attendance.  Hope to see you all soon!
Melissa Walls
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