Starting this evening – January 16, 2013


My name is Jacinthe Connolly and I’m proud to be an Innue from Mashteuiatsh in Lac St-Jean. There are 10 communities from this Nation in Quebec.
Since 1997 I’ve worked as specialized educator and counsellor in the psycho-social field in different places with different age groups but always with First Nations people (through schools, a youth re-adaptation centre, a shelter home for female victims of domestic violence, a halfway house for male ex-inmates, an adult re-adaptation centre for drugs and alcohol addictions). For the last four years, I have been working in the Indian Residential Schools Resolution Health Support Program.

With my colleague Meggie Noël, a mental health counsellor, we will soon adapt the third session of the programme. Presently we have four mother/daughter duos registered to the programme. The parents of the four registered mothers are former residential schools students. These four mothers would like to develop communication skills with their own daughters.

The group is looking forward to participate and also to discover the Mi’gmaq Nation through our planned exchange/visit as part of the programme. I am very happy for the participants because I think without the programme they wouldn’t be able to afford a trip to the beautiful area of Gaspésie.
So, we will do our best to bring the Desti-Nations crew to their destination and the activities will begin as scheduled this evening, January 16, 2013.

Jacinthe Connolly – Social Intervention Agent, Indian Residential Schools

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