Visits to Quebec First Nations communities


Hi everyone!

I’ve been in Gesgapegiag and Mashteuiatsh several times since my last post.

Since May 2012, I have been travelling once a month to Gesgapegiag and once a month to Mashteuiatsh. These two First Nations are now working nearly for a year on their version of the intervention.

During the last months, we’ve been through revision and translation of questionnaires for youth and adults, the participating communities met a couple of times through Skype or conference call, and the sessions have been in progress in Mashteuiatsh since January. March 27th was their fourth session.

Gesgapegiag will soon end their adaptation of the intervention. All the material will be translated in Mig’ Maq, quite a job! Joanna Martin is undertaking this great work. Christiane Bernard made the poster above and also works on the adaptation.  The sessions in Gesgapegiag are scheduled to begin April 17th.

Teams are also in preparation for next summer’s trip. The host community will be taking care of the lodging, food and activities for the visiting community.

This experience is meaningful and very interesting. I feel privileged to accompany communities through this journey.


Audrey Vézina

Mental health adviser; FNQLHSSC.



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