Beginning Group 2, looking ahead

Work in the communities is going very well. We have enrolled 33 families in the program across all four communities and to date have successfully completed the program with 23 families. Three of our four communities have finished post-tests and we are now beginning the Group 2 program with just over 20 families. Depending on summer schedules, we may finish with Group 2 families this summer or the communities may decide to finish in the Fall after Summer break. We are waiting to hear from the three community groups how they want to move forward over the summer months, but we anticipate completing Group 2 by October at the latest.
At UNL and UMD, we are currently in the process of developing new generic materials that can be used by various communities to adapt the manuals. Our hope is that these new manuals will continue to evolve over time for use with different communities and age groups, and for different purposes and in different venues.​ These materials include:
​1)    A New Training Manual
​​​​a.     Seven chapters on the program, facilitating, ethics, and data collection.
2)    An Updated Facilitator Manual
3)    Updated Parent and Youth Booklets
4)    A New Activity Booklet
​​a.     Includes examples and ordering information for weekly activities.
We have planned our next team meeting for June 27-28 where we will bring all of our staff, facilitators, and advisory board members together to collaboratively complete our team report and make recommendations for the sustainability plan of the program once the project ends in March 2015. We look forward to sending updates and sharing electronic versions of the new generic manuals after our next team meeting!!
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