Submission and Publication Guidelines

The McGill Journal of Sustainable Development Law  Blog welcomes blog post submissions about sustainable development law and policy from all authors. Afin d’être publié, un texte doit présenter les caractéristiques suivantes :

  1. Subject must relate to sustainable development law and policy (not limited to environmental issues). The text can be either editorial or analytic, but it must add something to the conversation.
  2. Submissions should be written in either French or English.
  3. Submissions should be between 500 and 750 words in length.
  4. Sources must be cited and hyperlinked within the text of the blog post.
  5. Please provide, along with your blog post :
    • A short bio of yourself (1-3 sentences).
    • Two pictures from non-copyright sources with the sources credited (eg Flickr, Wikimedia Commons).
    • A short text that will be used on Facebook to advertise your blog post.
  6.  Blog submissions that are clearly written, free of grammatical errors, and show a high degree of academic integrity stand a better chance of being published than those that do not.  Submissions containing plagiarism will not be published.
  7. Submissions should be directed to
  8. Blog editors reserve the right to read, review, and accept or reject all blog post submissions.

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