10 November 2021     

Chloe Bordewich (Harvard University/McGill University): “Fake News and Foreign Correspondents in the Late Ottoman Empire”

8 December 2021

Övgü Ülgen (University of Montreal):  “How do Jews Remember? Nationalism and Majority-Minority Relations in Morocco and Turkey in the 1950s and 1970s”

12 January 2022

Jacob Westermann (McGill University alumnus): “The Self in Captivity: Slavery and Autobiographical Rebirth in the Memoirs of Osman Ağa (1670-1725)”

16 February 2022

Ayça Köseoğlu (McGill University): “Saturday Mothers/People and the Making of Galatasaray Square”

23 March 2022

Meltem Al (McGill University): “Spaces of Leisure in Istanbul: Landscaping the Ideology and Idelogising the Landscape in a Conservative Housingscape”

27 April 2022  

Utku Karakaya (McGill University): “Collaborative Housing Initiatives in Contemporary Turkish Architecture: Duzce Hope Studio and the Vast Minority Workshop”

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