Murals, Bikes, Patios

Week 5 Murals, Bikes, Patios: Racism and Bias of White Urbanism and Placemaking

Curated by Sarah Gelbard
Moderated by Michelle Brais and Laura Di Fiore 

August 3, 2020

Required readings

Summers, Brandi T. “Introduction.” In Black in place: the spatial aesthetics of race in a post-Chocolate City, 1-12. University of North Carolina Press, 2019.

Dorries, Heather. “‘Welcome to Winnipeg’ Making settler-colonial urban space in ‘Canada’s most racist city.’” In Settler City Limits: Indigenous resurgence and colonial violence in the urban prairie west, edited by Dorries, Henry, Hugill,, 31-41. University of Manitoba Press, 2019.

Ward, Ariel. “A Tale of Two Truths: Transportation and Nuance in the Time of COVID-19.” Medium. May 14, 2020.
*Content Warning: Race-based violence* [Note: the author shares a personal account of race-based violence at the start of the essay – if you are concerned this may be triggering or distressing, you can start reading on the second page of the pdf or scroll to under the first image start reading from the paragraph beginning with: “Taking transit while Black…”]

Further readings

Koh, Annette. “Placemaking When Black Lives Matter.” In Transformative Planning: Radical Alternatives to Neoliberal Urbanism, edited by Angotti, 97-100. Black Rose Books, 2020.

Rutland, Ted. Displacing Blackness: Planning, Power, and Race in Twentieth-Century. Halifax. University of Toronto Press, 2018.

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