Colonial Urbanism and the Question of Race

Week 11 Colonial Urbanism and the Question of Race

Curated by Michelle Brais

September 25, 2020

Required readings

Bhabha, Homi. “Of Mimicry and Man: The Ambivalence of Colonial Discourse.” October 28 (1984): 125-33. doi:10.2307/778467.

Chopra, Preeti. “Refiguring the Colonial City: Recovering the Role of Local Inhabitants in the Construction of Colonial Bombay, 1854-1918.” Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum 14, no. 1 (2007): 109-125.

Further readings

Singh, Amardeep. “Mimicry and Hybridity in Plain English.” Lehigh University (blog). May 8, 2009.

Beverley, Eric Lewis. “Colonial urbanism and South Asian cities.” Social History 36, no. 4 (2011): 482-497.


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