Prison Abolition

Week 13 Prison Abolition

Curated by Tara Selvaraj

October 9, 2020

Required readings

Gilmore, Ruth Wilson. “Introduction.” In Golden Gulag : Prisons, Surplus, Crisis, and Opposition in Globalizing California, 5-23. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2007.

Sperry, Raphael. “Architecture, Activism, and Abolition: From Prison Design Boycott to ADPSR’s Human Rights Campaign.” Scapegoat, no. 7 (Fall/Winter 2014): 29-37.

Further readings

Allen, Arthur. “A Dilemma of Democracy: Architecture, Politics and Prison Design.” Vancouver, June 5, 2016.

Keller, Bill. “Reimagining Prison with Frank Gehry.” New Yorker, December 21, 2017.

Davis, Angela Y. “Slavery, Civil Rights and Abolitionist Perspectives Toward Prisons.” In Are Prisons Obsolete? 22-39. New York: Seven Stories Press, 2003.

Kushner, Rachel. “Is Prison Necessary? Ruth Wilson Gilmore might change your mind.” New York Times, April 17, 2019.

An Antipode Foundation film. “Geographies of Racial Capitalism with Ruth Wilson Gilmore.” YouTube, 2020.

Sperry, Raphael. “Discipline and Punish: The Architecture of Human Rights.” The Architectural Review, March 31, 2014.

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