Critical Whiteness Studies

Week 6 Critical Whiteness Studies

Curated by Laura O’Brien and Aaron Richmond

August 10, 2020

Required readings

Rankine, Claudia. “On Whiteness.” 1 Hour lecture at Emerson College, Boston.

Alcoff, Linda Martin. “What Do We Mean When We Talk About Whiteness?” In The Future of Whiteness. John Wiley and Sons, 2015.

Harris, Dianne Suzette. “Rendered Whiteness: Architectural Drawings and Graphics.” In Little White Houses: How the Postwar Home Constructed Race in America83-109. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2013.

Further readings

Alcoff, Linda Martin. The Future of Whiteness. John Wiley and Sons, 2015. (See Introduction and Chapter on White Double Consciousness)

Cheng, Irene, Charles L Davis, and Mabel Wilson, eds. Race and Modern Architecture: A Critical History from the Enlightenment to the Present. Culture, Politics, and the Built Environment. Pittsburgh, Pa.: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2020.

Also see recent SAH roundtable

Painter, Nell Irvin. The History of White People. New York: W.W. Norton, 2010.

Rankine, Claudia. Citizen : An American Lyric. Minneapolis, Minnesota: Graywolf Press, 2014.

Rankine, Claudia. The White Card: A Play. St. Paul, Minnesota: Graywolf Press, 2019.

Rankine, Claudia, and Lauren Berlant. “Claudia Rankine.” Bomb 129 (129): 44–49. 2014.

DiAngelo, Robin J. White Fragility : Why It’s so Hard for White People to Talk About Racism. Boston: Beacon Press, 2018.


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