To Contribute:

Please contact us at to add you to the reading group e-mail distribution list, for blog post contribution ideas, or for any inquiries. Through this blog, we also hope to involve a larger audience.

To Join Our Discussions:

A preliminary set of guidelines for group discussion. Please read these carefully, it is important that we all understand our collective agreement.

• Video call name format: Name_Department_UG/G/ PhD_pronouns (Example: Genna_Arch_G_she/her)
• Video call etiquette – we ask for videos on. The conversations we engage in during these group discussions can be challenging and personal. To hold respectful, safe spaces for each other, we ask that videos remain on.
• Listen respectfully, without interrupting.
• Listen actively and with an ear to understanding others’ views. (Don’t just think about what you are going to say while someone else is talking.)
• Criticize ideas, not individuals.
• Commit to learning, not debating. Comment to share information, not to persuade.
• Avoid blame, speculation, and inflammatory language.
• Allow everyone the chance to speak.
• Avoid assumptions about any member of the class or generalizations about social groups. Do not ask individuals to speak for their (perceived) social group.
















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