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The traditional canon of architectural history is built on racial inequalities. Since the 1980s, architectural historians have turned to alternative experiences and case studies of the built environment as “good architecture.” The #BlackLivesMatter movement insists that we see Black lives at the center of architectural thinking.

ARCH 355

The Savoy Ballroom: Rejecting Black Exoticism through Community-Driven Design
By Clay Moon
June 10, 2021
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Race and Gentrification: Investigating the Racialized History of the Los Angeles Neighbourhood Boyle Heights
By Ella Fortney
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Cruising on the Collapsing Queer Horizon: Alvin Baltrop’s Pier Photographs
By Hassan Saab,  Lan Wang
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Toys Build Empires, or How Toys Act as Tools of Architectural Colonialism: On the Colonialist Representation of Indigenous Architectures in Playmobil® and Lego® Toys
By Hermine Demaël
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Strike a Pose: The Importance of Black Queer Spaces in the Late 20th Century
By John Vaccaro
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The Face of a Nation Divided: Discrimination Immortalized Through the Monticello on the Jefferson Nickel
By Sara Cipolla
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Carving through Rigid Space: Filipina Domestic Workers at Statue Square, Hong Kong
By Zhuofan Chen
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ARCH 251

City Planning or Dismantling of Black Communities: Gentrification in Southwest, Washington D.C.
By Alara Dileklen
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Disney’s “It’s a Small World” ride: An Incursion into the Racial Implications of the African Display
By Audrey Boutot
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Now… Using Racism to Promote the Purchase of Exotic Products
By Dominique Dube
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Speculations on Race and Space: Targeting a Race through Their Architecture
By Gloria Wang
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Indifference, Injustice, and Identity: How Postmodern Multiculturalism and the Model Minority Myth Manifested in Koreatown’s Commercial Strips during the 1992 Rodney King Riots
By Lauren Kim
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From the Statue of the Bench: Four Centuries of Abuse
By Sameer Riaz
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Demolishing Barriers: Canada’s Native Community Actively Un-Making Racist Architecture
By Sarah Delnour
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