[July 6, 2020] Racism in the University

Curated by Ipek Tureli; Moderated by Valentina Davila
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[July 13, 2020] Architecture & Race

Curated by Annmarie Adams; Moderated by Tania Gutiérrez Monroy
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[July 20, 2020] Indigenous Peoples & Decolonization

Curated by Magdalena Miłosz; Moderated by Éloïse Choquette
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[July 27, 2020] Race & Computing

Curated by Theodora Vardouli; Moderated by Simone Mauro and Reda Berrada
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[August 3, 2020] Murals. Bikes. Patios. Racism and Bias in White Urbanism and Placemaking

Curated by Sarah Gelbard; Moderated by Michelle Brais and Laura Di Fore
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[August 10, 2020] Critical Whiteness Studies

Curated and moderated by Laura O’Brien and Aaron Richmond
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[August 17, 2020] Race, Protest and Public Space

Curated by Ayca Koseoglu; Moderated by Ali Reza Shahbazin
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[August 24, 2020] Borders, Barbed Wires, and Bureaucracy.
Architectures of exclusion, control, and permanent temporariness.

Curated by Christine Aglot
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[September 18, 2020] Monuments and Memory

Curated by Keyan Ye
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[September 25, 2020] Colonial Urbanism and the Question of Race

Curated by Michelle Brais
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[October 2, 2020] Racism in the Architectural Profession

Curated by Olivera Neskovic and Zoe Goodman
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[October 9, 2020] Prison Abolition

Curated by Tara Selvaraj
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[October 16, 2020] The Image of the Indigene & Participatory Design

Curated by Christina Mahut and Aamirah Nakhuda
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[October 23, 2020] Social Housing and Segregation

Curated by Andrew Ashbury and Michael Nugent
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[October 30, 2020] Anti-Racism Action in Universities

Curated by Genna Kalvaitis
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[November 06, 2020] Race in the 19th Century

Curated by Martin Bressani and Ralph Ghoche
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[November 13, 2020] Refugees as >

Curated by Jugal Patel
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[November 20, 2020] Indigenous Healing

Curated by Christopher Clarke McQueen and Rachel Law
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[November 27, 2020] Race, Green Space, and the Limits of Design

Curated by Talha Awan
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[March 9, 2021] The Environmental (In)justice System

Curated by Peter Osborne
[>reading list

[March 16, 2021] Black Placemaking and Community Space

Curated by Keyan Ye and Genna Kalvaitis
[>reading list

[March 30, 2021] Being in Community: Storytelling, Dance, and Music

Curated by Sarah Gelbard
[>reading list

[April 6, 2021] History of Slavery in Montreal

Curated by Cigdem Talu
[>reading list

[April 13, 2021] Virtual Tour of the Former Shingwauk Residential School at Algoma University

Curated by Magdalena Miłosz 
[>reading list

[May 18, 2021] Colonial Urbanism and Race

Curated by Ella den Elzen, Camille Saade-Traboulsi, Rafico Ruiz
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