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In preparation for Montreal’s November 3rd municipal election, we will be presenting the diversity and equity platforms for all confirmed mayoral candidates and their respective parties.

Richard Bergeron

The Projet Montréal 2013 Program contains several “commitments” to diversity.

COMMITMENT 1.6: Seek gender equality

  • Projet Montréal will implement the policy ‘Pour une participation égalitaire des femmes et des hommes à la vie de Montréal (2008)’, [For the equal participation of women and men in Montreal’s life (2008)], at all levels of the city’s operation & administration. The City of Montreal adopted this policy without any means of implementing it. Projet Montréal will assign the appropriate resources in order to develop and enhance this policy, thus improving the gender parity of representatives elected to borough councils as well as all persons elected or appointed to the city’s councils

COMMITMENT 1.7: Expand voter eligibility

  • As is the case within several cities around the world, Projet Montréal will explore the possibility of expanding the status of voter eligibility in municipal elections in Montreal to any permanent resident or person with refugee status who can prove that he or she has lived in Montreal for at least 12 months.

COMMITMENT 2.7: Make Montreal an exemplary employer.  This commitment includes:

  • Achieve parity between men and women in the city’s civil service;
  • Achieve ethnocultural representation that is on par with each community’s relative size.

COMMITMENT 3.4: Ensure social diversity in neighbourhoods.  This commitment includes:

  •  Create living environments characterized by accessibility for individuals, the elderly and young families, by the diversity of housing options (social housing, affordable housing rental market, individual properties, co-ops) and through social and generational diversity, promoting a variety of housing allocated according to the distribution of income of Montreal households.

COMMITMENT 3.10: Promote the social reintegration of homeless people

  • Increase financial aid to organizations helping the homeless, and strengthen existing organizations through stable funding;
  • Create a mechanism for collaboration between these organizations and the police;
  • Protect and restore rooming and boarding houses as accessible housing for homeless people;
  • Promote employability of people with precarious incomes through employment projects linked to municipal services, such as cleanliness, snow removal, horticulture, graffiti removal, and distribution of notices to residents.

COMMITMENT 5.12: Humanize public and community security.  This commitment includes:

  • Emphasize prevention to combat the problem of street gangs, by promoting and supporting the creation of urban mediation groups, in order to reduce tensions between different generations, ethnicities and religions, and to reduce racial profiling.

COMMITMENT 5.14: Make Montreal a city free of sexual exploitation.  This commitment includes:

  • Compel the SPVM to produce an annual report on the state of prostitution and human trafficking in Montreal;
  • Promote the creation of shelters for prostitutes wishing to leave the industry.

COMMITMENT 6.6: Encourage cultural associations

  • Encourage open intercultural activities as a means to build the city and make it more livable.

COMMITMENT 6.8: Strengthen municipal libraries (including hiring multilingual specialists)

  • Create three libraries of intermediate size, strategically located around Montreal (using the proximity principle), with high quality collections and improved human resources (multilingual specialists, extended hours), which will also relieve the pressure on the Grande Bibliothèque;
  • Use public libraries as a social tool to welcome and to include those who are new to the city.

COMMITMENT 6.9: Nurture links between types of cultural entities

  • Enable and maintain partnerships among a range of municipal services, between cultural venues in the various boroughs, the city’s museums, school commissions, cultural associations and artistic communities.


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