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In preparation for Montreal’s November 3rd municipal election, we will be presenting the diversity and equity platforms for all confirmed mayoral candidates and their respective parties.

Louai Hamida Poster

Louai Hamida is an industrial engineer working in the aeronautics industry.  According to his bio, he has experience working in large organizations and has volunteered with a number of charitable organizations.  His campaign centres around three key concepts: respect, participation, and transparency.

His platform on diversity and equity includes the following:


  • Develop proper services in low income areas to improve quality of life and their economical situation, and invest in social economy
  • Develop social housing and create food banks for low-income families
  • Support cultural and community activities, and work with these communities in the creation, development, and communication of their activities


  • Study the environmental feasibility of creating four-season community gardens, which could serve as a place for families to spend time outside during winter


  • Create affordable venues for artists to create and disseminate art.
  • Invest in public transportation and make it more affordable for the normal public


  • Create a cultural and artistic center of research and development and involve the rich mix of Montreal in this centre


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