Mélanie Joly – Le Vrai changement pour Montréal

In preparation for Montreal’s November 3rd municipal election, we will be presenting the diversity and equity platforms for all confirmed mayoral candidates and their respective parties.

Melanie Joly

Mélanie Joly and her team promise to be The Real Change for Montreal (Le Vrai changement pour Montréal).

This party’s platform is divided into 10 actions.  What “real changes” will they bring to diversity and equity in Montreal?  Take a look.

 Boosting local community movements and citizen initiatives

“Every day, in addition to elected officials, hundreds of public and private organizations and thousands of people are in action all around the city helping to improve  the quality of life of Montrealers and ensure their ability to live in harmony with people from diverse backgrounds and origins.”


3)    Create a social development plan to formally recognize the importance of the contribution of civil society and community and social groups in the economic development of the city. The plan will also raise awareness of their contribution to society and allow a global vision of social development in Montreal to emerge.

Fight social exclusion and fight for vulnerable populations

“Poverty, food insecurity and the exclusion from the labor market of too many people and families have a direct impact on the vitality and dynamism of Montreal. The City must put into place a global approach with the boroughs to improve its record in this area. As such, it must prioritize concrete actions for the social integration of the most vulnerable people and families, giving them the tools and providing the necessary support so that they can turn their lives around.”

 Objective: Establish partnerships with various social workers and community groups in the city to find shelter for the most vulnerable people and the families.

2) Create partnerships with various grassroots organizations and community groups and finance projects to help disadvantaged people, drawing on the best projects implemented across the country

3) Create partnerships with non-profit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity, to build affordable housing and promote the acquisition of housing.

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