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In preparation for Montreal’s November 3rd municipal election, we will be presenting the diversity and equity platforms for all confirmed mayoral candidates and their respective parties.

Clement Sauriol


Clément Sauriol is a Montrealer, born and raised.  According to his blog, he has never suffered from depression or anxiety, and he is never sick, except for the occasional cold or minor injury.  He doesn’t drink or do drugs, and he also likes women, but not all of them (his words, not mine).

As a concerned citizen, he has thrown his hat into the ring and developed a 35-point program.  How many of those points relate to diversity and equity?  You can count them here!

Note: Mr. Sauriol’s website is entirely in French.  The text below is a translation.

6. Invest heavily in social community policies.

7. Win the war on poverty.

11. Improve the tax system.  Support new arrivals who wish to live in Montreal.

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