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Senate approves a new harassment policy for McGill


December 6th will mark the 24th anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre.  Since 1989, we many of us have hoped for and worked toward a better world, a world where we wouldn’t have to worry about the next Marc Lépine.

Yesterday, McGill’s Senate approved an improved harassment policy.  This new policy includes provisions for increasing education and awareness, and also empowers all of us to act when we encounter instances of harassment and discrimination in any form, directed at anyone within our community.  If we want to eradicate the behaviour, we must not remain silent when we witness it.  If we make it clear that we truly believe in equality for all, that harassment and discrimination are always unacceptable, we may one day succeed in building that better world.

Bill 60: We stand united

Photo Credit: John Kelsey

“The issue is not of political persuasion, but about protecting the rights of our community.”  Those are the words of student Senator Haley Dinel at the November 20th Senate meeting, and McGill’s Senate unanimously agreed.  Several provisions of Bill 60 go against the values of our institution, and we must make every effort to ensure that this kind of government-sanctioned discrimination never becomes law.  The McGill community is strong and influential.  We are many and we have a voice.  Stand up and make sure that you are heard.

The McGill Daily Talks About Colour

The McGill Daily has an interesting editorial on the McGill community’s silence when it comes to issues of race.

Check out “Let’s talk about colour“.

After you read it, add your voice to the conversation: register for one of SEDE’s safer spaces workshops, leave a comment, or simply talk to your friends about issues of diversity, racialization, and tolerance.

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