EMBA McGill – HEC launches new scholarship program for Indigenous people

Raphael Picard

The McGill – HEC EMBA program is always looking to increase the diversity of participants in the program.  The program’s creators believe that diversity is essential to the learning approach.  With this in mind, they have created a new $40,000 scholarship which will be given annually to a manager of Indigenous origin.  Prof. Alain Pinsonneault, co-director of the program says that “encouraging Indigenous participation will be a real plus”.

To read more about the new scholarship, click here.

Goodbye, Madiba


Thank you, Nelson Mandela.  You will always serve to remind us why we fight for human rights for all.  Whether those rights are for people in our own backyard or on the other side of the world, we fight because it is right, and because you taught us that resistance is never futile.

Rest well; you’ve earned it.

Nelson Mandela dies at 95

Senate approves a new harassment policy for McGill


December 6th will mark the 24th anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre.  Since 1989, we many of us have hoped for and worked toward a better world, a world where we wouldn’t have to worry about the next Marc Lépine.

Yesterday, McGill’s Senate approved an improved harassment policy.  This new policy includes provisions for increasing education and awareness, and also empowers all of us to act when we encounter instances of harassment and discrimination in any form, directed at anyone within our community.  If we want to eradicate the behaviour, we must not remain silent when we witness it.  If we make it clear that we truly believe in equality for all, that harassment and discrimination are always unacceptable, we may one day succeed in building that better world.

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