A Dialogue on Religion, Education & Security

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This blog explores developments and debates on the role of education in addressing the challenging issues related to religious identities and movements in globalizing societies.  Academics and policy makers are struggling to grapple with varied and ambivalent nature of late 20th and early 21st religions.  Diverse religious actors and communities are having a significant impact on an array of critical geo-political issues.  On the one hand, the resurgence of religion has pushed liberal democratic societies to expand and accommodate more manifold forms of religious diversity and pluralism in the public and educational spheres.  On the other hand, this resurgence has also been marked by the rise of movements of violent religious extremism that repudiate efforts to constructively engage religious diversity.

The sphere of education is a central site of contestation in the struggle with evolving modern religious identities and discourses.  This blog contributes to the growing body of academic research in this relatively new field.  It engages new challenges facing practitioners addressing the question of religious identity and diversity in diverse educational contexts.  It examines new educational approaches aimed at fostering interreligious tolerance, mutual understanding, dialogue, and collaboration.  It also examines educational initiatives aimed at countering violent religious extremism (CVE). Entries to the blog and reports posted here explore the challenges of forging constructive state and non-state religious educational policy approaches sensitive to diverse regional settings.

The full video and transcript of Tony Blair’s speech to the UN on education as a security issue can be found at the Tony Blair Faith Foundation website.

This blog is part of the Education and Security: The Challenge of Religious Diversity initiative at McGill University and was produced through the support of Global Affairs Canada’s Religious Freedom Fund.

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