Violent extremism in Turkey

by Madeleen Castro


The current wave of violent extremism is not limited to one region of the world. Instead, it has spread across the international arena through a variety of groups and their radical ideologies. And Turkey is on the front lines.  Both internally and externally, it is faced with a major security problem in terms of containing and countering extremism. Religious education is needed now more than ever to counter the appeal that violent extremism appears to hold for many. However, Turkey appears at this stage to be more significantly focused on containing terrorism and retaliating to violent acts (more…)

Albania, security & religious education

 by Paula Sullaj


Albania Pope 2


Albania, as a rather new NATO member, has been contributing to an international battle against violent extremism by sending troops to Afghanistan and collaborating with other member countries to the fight against ISIS.  Efforts to resist the so-called Islamic State of Syria and Iraq have only intensified after key events in 2015. The ones most significantly impacting the public were a hostile e-mail sent to the Albanian Interior Minister, Saimir Tahiri, signed by members of a terrorist group called the Red Brigade and a YouTube video threatening the Balkan region and Albania made by a jihadist named Almir Daci, a former Albanian Imam.  Daci is being tried in absentia for advocating terrorism and for recruiting persons to conduct (more…)

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