Karim Nader on memory reconsolidation

Prof. Karim Nader, Department of Psychology

Prof. Karim Nader, Department of Psychology

McGill neuroscientist Dr. Karim Nader (Department of Psychology) explains the theory of memory reconsolidation and describes how it might be used to treat anxiety disorders. Visit the Technology Review website to watch Professor Nader’s video.

One response to “Karim Nader on memory reconsolidation”

  1. John Jackson P.Eng. says:

    Dr. Nader,
    Nice coverage in Tech. Review! Fascinating stuff.
    Have you looked at Imovane with respect to its capacity to gently shut down one’s ability to lay down short term memories? It’s a sleep aid, but has the memory side effect (I found). It seems like it might be a decent tool for you, and less likely than some others, to scare people.
    Keep it up.

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