Student Exchange Abroad: Well worth your time!

Edmund Lam

Edmund Lam

Why, you might ask yourself, should I join a student exchange program? Aren’t my courses in the Faculty of Science program at McGill enough of a challenge? Besides, which universities would allow me to complete courses required for my degree?

I founding myself asking these very questions last year when deciding whether or not to apply for an exchange at another university. Studying in a different country, immersing myself in a novel culture and meeting people from around the world are all good reasons to go abroad. As a Montreal local, I was also interested in studying away from home.

Seven months later, I find myself in the hustle and bustle of Asia at City University of Hong Kong.


For the want of a nail

Hammer and nails
The first flowering of science at McGill can be traced to William Dawson, a naturalist, paleontologist, and geologist. He was McGill’s principal for 38 years, from 1855 to 1893, and launched the study of science at McGill, working to secure funds to make his initiative a success.

The turn of the century brought about the culmination of that effort. Ernest Rutherford, a physicist who came to McGill in 1898, and Frederick Soddy, a chemist who arrived in 1900, were the interdisciplinary collaborators of the day, and studied the transmutation of the elements, both receiving Nobel prizes for the research they undertook at McGill. For the want of a nail it might have all been for naught, and McGill would be a very different place today. (more…)

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