Mini-Science Q & A – Are cell phones and WiFi harmful to your health?

Mini-Science logo At the conclusion of each Mini-Science lecture, audience members submit their questions to the evening’s presenter, who answers as many as possible on the spot. Three of the unanswered questions are sent to the presenter for posting here. Here are questions from Dr. Lorne Trottier’s lecture “Are cell phones and WiFi harmful to your health? ” (May 19, 2010 ).

Q: Does gravity play a part in EMF (electromagnetic field)?

A: No.

Q: Since science has not as yet proven conclusively that cell phones do not cause cancer, how could technologies such as “Bluetooth” hands free state that they are safer than hand held cell phones?

A: Bluetooth devices emit a lot less EMF than cell phones. If you are worried that data might one day show that cell phone EMF is harmful (the scientific data to date says it is not), then Bluetooth is probably safer due to its lower power.

Q: Where does the test for bone density fall in the range of EMF?

A: Bone density measurements are done with special X-Ray equipment. X-Rays are one of the forms of ionizing radiation, cell phone EMF is non-ionizing. I suggest you check out the following article on Wikipedia: Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry. The following is a quote from this article: “DXA uses X-rays to assess bone mineral density. However, the radiation dose is approximately 1/10th that of a standard chest X-ray.”

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