The Story of Sam the Christmas Dog

Christmas dog(By Martin Grant, Dean of Science)

Many years ago, I made a homemade CD to send to family and friends at Christmas.  I got the idea from my brother Nick, who had done something similar the previous year.  The CD was called The Story of Sam the Christmas Dog.  There was some narration by me, my wife, our children and dog, and some silly songs.  All of this was to illuminate a silly story about how our dog Sam searches for and then finds the true meaning of Christmas (by the way, according to Sam: seeing family and friends, relaxing and having fun, and not taking yourself too seriously).

For your amusement this holiday season, I enclose one of those silly songs: Silent Night [.mp3].  Listen as much, or as little as you like, to me and my friend Steve goofing around, with some barking in the background.  Sam was a good dog, as my family told him many times; he died in 2005, just before I started as Dean. (more…)

New McGill degree program in Sustainability, Science, and Society

(Guest blog post by Prof. Navin Ramankutty, Department of Geography)

Mongolian Family Uses Solar Energy to Power Home (UN Photo)

Mongolian Family Uses Solar Energy to Power Home (UN photo)

Is it more sustainable to eat locally grown grain-fed meat or organic vegetables imported from far away? If all nations decide to curtail global warming by 2°C, how much would we need to cut emissions, and what are the ethically responsible ways to distribute these reduced emissions? Who pays and who benefits when we create a national park in a developing country?

Do these questions intrigue you?  If so, try the new Sustainability, Science and Society (SSS) program. (more…)

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