Unintended consequences: With red squares in the sunset, what is the value of a University education?

Tree growing out of bookExcuse me while I back into this.  In Charlottetown PEI, when I was young, for one day each year children would wear masks and roam the streets at night, walking from door to door to get candy from neighbours.  At some point children started to wear face paint instead of masks so they could see cars coming.  At some point parents started to walk with children to ensure their safety.  At some point people only visited homes of those they knew.  And, at some point in Charlottetown PEI and everywhere else, people started to lock their doors, and groups of masked children no longer roamed the streets on Halloween night calling out trick or treat.  With the benefit of hindsight, an unintended consequence is revealed – a last Halloween trick – our fear for our children diminished our community: our neighbours first became strangers and then potential predators. (more…)

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