Science and religion

Reflection in eye. Looking up at the ceiling of the Bahá'í Centre of Learning, Hobart, Tasmania.

Image: JalalV / Wikimedia Commons

Years ago I had breakfast with a well-known scientist, let’s call him Richard.  Richard had just finished a book on science, creationism, and religion.  That was pretty much all Richard talked about: it turns out he was not a big fan of creationism – neither am I, if you are curious – and also he was not a big fan of religion.  Actually, I am understating it: he hated religion.  He really really hated it.  His opinion started me thinking.  I was surprised by his vehemence, as it did not match my own recollection of my Roman Catholic upbringing.  His anger seemed misplaced when I thought about those I knew who had become nuns or gone into the priesthood.  Those people were touched deeply by something, a sense of wonder about the way of the world, they had a need to commit themselves to that mystery. (more…)

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