You know that what you eat you are


Cows confuse me. I appreciate that they are raised, fed, and then brought to an abattoir, a butcher, and finally end up on my BBQ. I appreciate that we have much in common with cows, and that we share a common ancestor. We’re distant cousins. Let’s say I felt uncomfortable about eating my distant cousins, or at least about eating cows – would I feel uncomfortable about my other cousins, cats, eating our common relatives, mice? I find it a bit of a conundrum. If no one ate cows, and so farmers did not raise them, I suppose there would be no cows, or very few of them. Like I said, a conundrum, at least for me. Same thing with corn – raised, cut down, BBQ’ed, common ancestor – worthy of thought on the uncomfortableness meter. (more…)

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