When I get older, losing my hair

Child with punk haircutWe, the living, share the world with those who have lived, those who will live, and those who have never lived. Their voices interrupt us, cajole us, and attempt to guide us. Their subtle and not-so-subtle interventions lead to flash points amongst us.

When I was a teenager, the usual battle took place between the young and old. It was no less intense a battle at that time then it is now – but, now older, I feel I have some perspective on it. Here was the trivial subject of our battle: hair. Boys grew their hair long, and it enraged the older generation. As intended. My hair rested on my shoulders throughout high school, as did the hair of my friends. This scandalized our parents, teachers, potential employers, and so forth. In hindsight, as I said, it looks like a pretty silly battle. Indeed, I have pictures to confirm that it looks at least somewhat silly. (more…)

She’s so heavy

Snowy roof

I was watching the news on TV one night last winter. The woman reading the news made a public service announcement: Get the snow off your roofs before it melts, she said, because it gets heavier when it melts and your roof could collapse.

First things first: yes, get the snow off your roof so it does not pile up and collapse your house. But, no, snow does not get heavier when it melts. Try this: go outside this winter with a large clear glass. Fill the glass with snow. Go back inside your house and watch the glass until the snow melts. The dense water takes up a smaller volume than the fluffy snow. But is the glass of water heavier than the glass of snow? You will notice it is the same weight. And it is not almost the same weight, it is exactly the same weight. This is called the law of conservation of mass. It is not just a good idea, it’s the law. (more…)

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