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UFO over city

Let us imagine we commandeer a giant alien spaceship. Then we fly through the skies to Europe, where we stop, hovering over Belgium. Floating high in the sky among the clouds, we activate a giant tractor beam to lift Brussels into the air. We carry Brussels over the ocean, and drop it (carefully) in the middle of North America.

Up to this point, it is like a big-budget science fiction summer movie — which does not earn enough money to cover its budget. But now let us make it into a thought-provoking independent film: people from North America flock to this new city, as they are captivated by its multi-cultural and multi-lingual character, by its great museums, restaurants, its great scholarly tradition, great universities, and of course the beautiful intelligent people.

I will not belabor my somewhat self-serving point, which is surely clear by now. We need no such alien spaceship, as the multi-cultural and multi-lingual city I have described in the middle of North America is of course Montréal. McGill reflects this international character with pride.

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