What changes, what does not change


This year, I attended my tenth convocation as Dean of Science, and for the tenth time I stood in a tent and shook approximately 1,000 hands. I have learned a few things over the course of these convocations, some important, some not so important. It is important to shake everyone’s hand. It would not be right to do this online with a video. Yes, there were big hands and small hands, sweaty hands and dry hands. Those who shake many hands from long lines carefully size up their next partner. We know that imposingly tall athletes have a firm but measured grip. They know they can hurt you, but they do not. Painful grips come from excited students who are not that big, as they do not realize they can hurt you. In any case, I personally congratulated every Science graduate; I shook every hand, carefully in some cases, because it is respectful and important for me to do so. (more…)

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