Week 3 Memo Questions


Week 3

1. Adam Smith suggests that, “through self interest he promotes the well being of others” p. 156. Explain two concrete scenarios. In the first explain how self-interest promotes development (i.e., well-being). In the second example, explain how self-interest can impede the well-being of others. Be very specific in both accounts.
2. In Figure 2 Milanovic provides us the “mother of all inequality disputes” with three concepts. Assuming you can only choose one, explain why you chose it and discuss the causes of the trend you see over time.
3. On the political philosophical level – Milanovic argues, “proletarian solidarity is then simply dead because there is no longer such a thing as the global proletariat” p. 21. Do you agree or disagree with Milanovic’s argument? Explain with 2-3 concrete lines of reasoning.

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