Week 6 memo questions

## Week 6 ###
1. Fortin et al show that experiencing child abuse increases the risk of social exclusion (5.2 %points) and deep social exclusion (3%points). The authors do not offer a theory for this relationship. Briefly explain how childhood trauma might affect poverty and development.
2. This is the first known study of social exclusion in Canada. As an emerging professional working on poverty and development: (1) how does this paper inform your work? and (2) what additional question(s) would be most important for you to address?
3. Proulx et al show us that in 2008-2009, Quebec spends approximately 3 x the % of GDP on family support and other expenditures compared to Alberta. Based on these expenditures and what you know about the socio-economic realities in Quebec, would you (a) continue funding at this same level, (b) reduce funding, or (c) increased funding as a % of GDP? In your explanation mention at least one tradeoff/consequence to your position.
Slides to accompany Proulx et al. can be found here Internal diversity in social policy regimes.

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