Macro social work media resources

ACOSA has distributed a list of Media Resources for Macro Social Work Practice. 

Also Here

Looks like a great list. I certainly want to watch:

The Garden
Made in L.A.
The Price of Renewal
A Village Called Versailles

With a link to the classic Holding Ground: The rebirth of Dudley Street.

Please comment if you’ve seen any of the movies.


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  1. Ben says:

    Hi I saw last of the Mohcians in NYC when it was released. The producers provided the American Indian Community House with tickets, so a bunch of us went. This was during the time when they were developping the big Connecticut tribal casinos. There was great interst in the depiction of these lost tribes, who were now getting all kinds of attention. It was the first time I saw Mohawk spoken in a movie, that was great. It has good details and the overall love story is positive. I would recommend it, would be great to see the overall troop movements along trade lines. Ben

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