Week 11 Memos

## Week 11
1. Pg. 324 of the Sen reading in DeFellipis states: “In so far as freedom is seen to be intrinsically important, the observation of the chosen functioning bundle cannot be in itself an adequate guide for the evaluative exercise, even though the freedom to choose a better bundle rather than a worse one can be seen to be, in some accounting, an advantage even from the perspective of freedom.” Explain in your weekly memo what this passage means to you as a social worker who is interested in reducing poverty.
2. Chaskin defines community capacity as the “interaction of human capital, organizational resourcs, and social capital existing within a given community that be leveraged to so solve collective problems and improve or maintain the well-being of a given community. It may operate through informal social processes and/or organized effort.” P. 295 Do you feel this is a useful definition? Why or why not?

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